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Tencent to acquire British video game company Sumo Group in $1.3 billion deal


Off topic? Presumptuous? I am not sure I started bringing geopolitics in a gaming thread…

The point was that China is not the first country we trade and do deals with even if we do not agree with their local policy / human rights record / etc… your aggressive remark is what I find out of place.
Presumptuous when you assumed the reason I made my original statement was because I was worried that China would become the largest market in the world.
I never made any kind of statement for you to infer that.
I do not care if China is the largest Global market. It probably already is for all I know.

What I do care about is a fair market where companies from all over the world can compete on equal footing which is quite different from the original statement you made. The way I see it is if you want to partake in an open market then your market must be open as well. I also don't believe governments should have any part of these multinational companies. This of course is just my opinion.

On the bolded if you would have stated that the first time I wouldn't have responded the way I did.
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