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The ‘Halo’ TV Show Will Reveal Master Chief’s Face, And It Looks Like This

He should never take his helmet off in the game or show and if he does you should never see his face. It should just allude to who he could potentially be.

Like Judge Dredd…


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Hey, I've seen that guy before..



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ahhh, the good old lets celebrate what money it made for the company not that it was actually a good film and left fans of the series feel like it was a good depiction of Nathan Drake.

Cmon, its a terrible casting. It works for all the daily people that want to go watch one half of the latest Hollywood hot couple do a movie but its not who Uncharted fans want to see depict Nathan Drake.


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Sure, why not. Master Chief is probably going to be a side character in his own series anyway. Zero faith in this.


you are concerned about his face, but not all the change to the story canon, the fact that the covenant raised a human female who will beat the master chief in 1:1 combat, and the chief has to be rescued by the asian chick 1/4 his size as seen in the trailer.

and you are concerned about the chief's face.
You've gotta be shitting me...

Feminism is out of fucking control.
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I remember back in the CE days when it was a urban legend that his face would be revealed if you completed the game on legendary.
I’m not saying your wrong, unless it happened in Halo Infinite which I’m still playing though I do not recall that in the other games.
At the end of the (regrettably bad) Halo, 4 chief removes his helmet and you see his eyes and dark bags around his eyes but not really his face.


Still that doesnt justify them to show his face. He needs to stay that way. Giving him face, without the game showing it is a slap to the fans.
The game DOES shows Master Chief's face, albeit a young one.


From there, you can "extrapolate" an older version and bam! current Master Chief face.


I always thought the Masterchief would have some sort of face disfigurement, something that would explain why he insists on wearing the helmet.


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The game DOES shows Master Chief's face, albeit a young one.


From there, you can "extrapolate" an older version and bam! current Master Chief face.
He is also described in the novels. He is notably extremely pale from spending all that time in the armor.


generic looking white dude. I'm not sure if I should have expected anything else but it's just so meh


Shitty forced romance story arc incoming. The only reason for them to reveal his face is so so we can watch him eat or screw :/


Wouldn't that just be classed as an 8/10? As some publications use out of 5 for games as well as films & vice versa with out of 10.

Seems super odd, I personally feel reviewers should use the spectrum properly with games though, as people see a game rated 7/8 as bad.

When 5 should be seen as average.

Maybe I haven't paid much attention to movie reviews over the years.
Just a guess here but maybe the scale is used more in movies because technically they always look and sound great. There’s never poor mixing or dropped frames etc. therefore it’s more subjective.

Where as games there’s still a lot of things that can be objectively reviewed.
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