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The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog ’90s cartoon is coming to Blu-ray


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Discotek Media announced on Twitter that it was releasing the entire series in February 2022 in North America (meaning it will be a Region A release).

All 65 episodes will be included, and will be “closest to the master video this will ever look”, the company claims.

Because the original show was in standard definition, the set will be what Discotek calls an ‘SD on BD’ release.

This means that although the show will be on Blu-ray discs, the episodes will be in standard 480p definition.

This also means, however, that the entire series can be stored on just two discs, with disc 1 containing episodes 1-50 and disc 2 containing episodes 51-65 and a number of special features.

These include the Christmas Special, entitled Sonic Christmas Blast, and the original sales pilot.

The show followed Sonic and Tails as they defended their home of Mobius from Dr Robotnik and his Badnik helpers, including a chicken called Scratch, a mole called Grounder and a monkey called Coconuts.

It cast Jaleel White as Sonic and Christopher Welch as Tails. White would go on to portray Sonic again in the subsequent cartoon series Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Underground.

Pingas in high definition.
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Got really excited, then saw WHICH 90’s Sonic cartoon it was. Nah, give me Sonic and Tails with Sally, Antoine, Bunnie, and a Robotnik with a voice that sounds like he would murder you in your sleep over that other show that wanted to be the next Looney Tunes but failed.

Although I imagine Discotek will hopefully go for that series next unless some licensing issue is preventing them from doing so.
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He was actually Sonic’s VA in both 90’s cartoon series, as well as the later series Sonic Underground.

White plays sonic in all three 90’s sonic cartoons

Thanks, I wasn't aware of that! The only one I remember seeing recently is the dystopian one, a couple of episodes of it. Vaguely remember the one preceding it. And then I think there was Sonic X in the very late '90s.


Whoever made that cover should be fired. Its almost as misleading as the infamous Batman: The movie rerelease.



I remember enjoying this series when I was a kid. Still remember the song from the beginning of each episode (in French).


This theme song is all the rage, or the bomb, or fire, or hawt, or lit, or whatever people 20 years younger than I use to describe something as "cool".

Somehow I still remembered most of the words to this all these years later. LOL

I wish i could see the entire show in this clarity. Found it online streaming once but the quality was horrific, some kind of "scanline" interference and scenes ghosting into one another.

Most of the late 80s early 90s cartoons are only out there in terrible VHS quality. I don't really remember any of the plots from this series, but the theme song did stick with me.
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Whoever made that cover should be fired. Its almost as misleading as the infamous Batman: The movie rerelease.

IDK, AoSTH's cover is more accurate, other thna being a refference to the game it still has pingas robotnik, scratch, grounder and the acid-induced backgrounds AoSTH is known for
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