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The Apprentice UK - Series 12 |OT| Meet The New Boss; Same As The Old Boss

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I agree, she isn't very likeable and seems boring. I'm not a fan of Courtney (sp?) either, it seems like he's in the deep end and never knew how to swim.

Yeah he got lucky early on, but since then he has just been shit. Lucky to still be in it.


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Ahaha, love train wrecks like this, orange gin, with a historically offensive name, terrible design, the wrong map, no ingredients list because team was getting smashed, and lies in the pitch



Yeah he got lucky early on, but since then he has just been shit. Lucky to still be in it.
He was very cocky at the start of this episode too, bragging about his wins. There's 2 or 3 candidates left that even deserve to be there, how these 6 even got this far is off of the backs of those 2 or 3 good candidates.
None of these seem to deserve being hired. I think next week will bloodbath for them all pitching their plans. It's just as well one team has to win every episode because they all seem incapable of running/organising/designing/giving good ideas. They'd be in trouble if they came up against someone with even half a brain and common sense.


Disappointed Trishna was fired, thought she was the best of the three in the boardroom. They're all pretty terrible though.

Absolutely, Alana and Francis seem like the only two competent ones of the lot, but even they aren't knock-outs.

Francis is terrible. So full of herself and clearing been game playing the whole time. Calling it "colony" was terrible as well. When I think colony I think racial violence, not "exotic" gin.


Colony gin...jesus these people are dense

Sugar has already seen business plans surely the only reason why grainee survived again. Frances is truely terrible

On the other team you have jim carey who wont shut up, alana who cant make anyone take her seriously and courtney who is the worst pitcher ive ever seen
Jessica has been my fav since ep 1 so I'm still backing her to win.

Alana is probably the smart choice though. I think that by herself she'd be shit hot, she's just not a group worker type of person.


Maturity, bitches.
Nikey or Nike... dat comeback!

To be honest, growing up, everyone I knew called them Nike. It was only when a substitute teacher from Australia taught us and called them Nikey that we learnt the truth.

I still find myself correcting myself to this day.

Daffy Duck

Karen is ice cold, "They were getting pissed", lol.

And the preview, Jack Shit......me and my girlfriend where in hysterics when he said that.
Was carrying my team in FIFA so couldn't watch last night. Just caught up. Has Beeeer been trademarked yet?

Bring on the interviews next week.
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