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The Batman 2 Villain picks

I want to see

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Curious, who's our top draft picks for The Batman 2 villain?

While I'd kill for Mr. Freeze I don't see how it would work in the Matt Reeves universe. I think Mad Hatter and Hugo Strange are the last notable ones who haven't been in movies yet at all. Not sure if hatter is main villain tier but Hugo certainly is. Hatter could be like what penguin was in the first movie.

And for the love of GOD please Matt Reeves have the restraint to hold off on Joker until your trilogy finale in the 3rd movie.

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Just give me something that hasn't been done over and over and over and over again.

I'm so fucking bored of the joker. It's always the damn joker. Give me something else. Something we don't have a super fresh movie memory of.

I'll make an exception for two face since Nolan's two face was so laughably idiotic.


I think Mr Freeze could be great for this specific Batman but I'd take any really as long as they do them well.
I realise they probably want to do Joker, and we see that from the scene in the jail but honestly I'd be happy if that was all they used of him.


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I think Hugo Strange makes the most sense for this Batman universe. I know he wants to do Freeze, but that technology seems too exotic. He should stick to the more cerebral villains.

I'd say go with Scarecrow, but we already saw him in three Batman films at this point. Pretty sure he was even the featured villain in one of the dozens of animated Batman movies.


mad hatter would be great, he kinda fits the whole noir vibe matt reeves is going for and they could make him really really creepy
WTF why no multiple picks you jerk............

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I voted for Ivy because I think she's cool and a girl villain would be nice. I'm not sure she can carry a whole film though. A film with her and another villain would make me happy. I'd be really interested to see a grounded but creative take on her character.


The joker at the end just didn't do it for me. I'm kinda over him.

I saw people speculating that since the city is flooded Tha means Mr freeze is coming.

I'd be down with poison ivy and more penguin. Shit.... Did the penguin die in the last movie? I don't remember


Hugo Strange could be good. Get an inside look of Arkham maybe see him talking with other low level villains in the Bat gallery. It would make for another noire story with corruption within the mental health system of Gotham.


I want to see him take on someone outside the classic rogues gallery, not that they aren't great.

An underground cult based on "Batman: The Cult" or "Professor Pig" for a minor role.
The Black Glove would be awesome. Or maybe the devil himself - Yes, let's get nuts.
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Id say freeze would fit perfect in this Gotham. Finally watched this the other day actually and lobes it. Its funny because I can’t really explain why though. It’s slow but I was interested in every scene. It made me wish Nolan’s Gotham was a little more similar.
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