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The Best Of Game Of Thrones

Jon Neu

I still feel the emptiness the show left me with. Those two horrible last seasons utterly destroyed the momentum of GoT, it went from the greatest show ever and one of the most impactful cultural creations in modern history, to left everybody completely numb about it.

So this thread is to remember the best parts of Game of Thrones (books too); scenes, quotes, theories or anything else you feel should be mentioned.

I will start with one of my favourite scenes of the show: the Tyrion trial.



i was gonna post this

"you lived your life for the king. you're gonna die for some chickens?"

"someone is"

probably my favorite line delivery in the whole show

It's a very underrated scene, probably because people remember the more gory or shocking death scenes such as Joffrey & the Red Wedding.

Something wrong with your leg boy?
i wonder what the intro is gonna be like for House Of The Dragon

they should surprise everyone and just use the game of thrones music but with an updated map animation for the period it's set in, and obviously the title


The Red Wedding completely shocked me. I had no idea that it was gonna happen or even that anything of consequence was gonna happen. It is still the best scene for my money, not just for the complete subversion of expectations but also how it just stomps your expectations into the ground as brutally as it can. The wolf head, the belly stabbing - just amazingly horrible.


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That new series is still going to happen? thought it was cancelled as the white walkers are a universal joke at this point.
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