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The Case of the Golden Idol- Secrets of Obra Dinn


No one talks about this game, it's super cool. Lucas Pope(Obra Dinn, Paper's Please) said good things about it too:

It's like point and click version of Obra Dinn, clearly inspired by it. The puzzles start from easy(kinda), get harder later on. It's a quite difficult game, like Obra Dinn. You can get clues with another puzzle if you want, but even this gets harder after a while. Ost is not very good but it lets you get into the atmosphere. If you like Obra Dinn, if you like Lucas Pope's storytelling style, if you like a murder story full of intrigue, I suggest you give it a try.

Steam page:

Did I mention Obra Dinn?

Update: Metacritic score: 87(10 reviews): https://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/the-case-of-the-golden-idol
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I played and finished it with a friend. It's nice. It's challenging. It's no Obra Dinn but if you're missing some mind exercise it'll do.

The story is also not as fleshed out or interesting. The art style is horrid, and for what they charge for it they should really have invested more.


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The demo of this was really fun and I never felt annoyed by the logic of it except for a couple of moments out of dozens and I'd say thats a good ratio when dealing with this sort of puzzle game. I'll get the full game at some point but not now, I could play it as chill out game inbetween GoW:R and other heavy story based stuff I have on the go but I already have tons of games sitting that could fulfill that function, I should play them first.

I also played the demo of Obra Dinn and I didn't really know what I was doing even after 45 mins so I passed on the main game. I understood that you were trying to identify everyone and fill up the "book" with the truth of what happened but something about it just didn't click with me, I'll maybe give it another try now that I've played and understood Golden Idol just fine.



That artstyle


I love the artstyle, looks really interesting and it's on my backlog (same as Pentiment, Norco and other stuff). Not sure when I'll have enough time to play it toh :pie_pensive:


Fantastic game that stumbles (horribly) with its ending (though the ending does make sense and ties into the themes of the game). As for the artistic qualities of the game: the art style is fantastic, and goes very well with the time period that's on display. The music is also very good.

. . .definitely recommend if you are a fan of puzzle games (particularly logic puzzles) or Obra Dinn - though it doesn't come close to touching OD in terms of gameplay or story.


Because it's not a mindless 3rd person action adventure cinematic kind of game. No wonder.
Everyone talks about Pentiment though. It's probably a marketing thing(Microsoft(+gamepass) vs indie dev).

I especially liked the art design, it first caught my attention that way. Then I saw Pope's( :messenger_tongue:) tweet and bought it. I can't say anything about the story or the ending yet, I'm halfway there, but it makes you wonder how it will end, which's one of my favorite features in games.

It's going strong on Metacritic too(10 reviews, 87 score).
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