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The CW's Wonder Woman Prequel Show Is Finally Dead

Spoiler, it's because her movies were big hits.

Cast your mind back to the 2012, when the idea of a movie starring Batman and Superman was just a twinkle in Zack Snyder’s eye, and the CW only had one DC TV show on the way. Back then, the network also triumphantly announced plans to succeed where NBC failed by bringing Wonder Woman to TV. Now, five years later, those plans are finally done.

The CW’s attempt to bring Diana to television, dubbed Amazon, began originally as a prequel series that would’ve followed a teenage Diana in her earliest days as a hero. Then, weirdly enough, it turned into a show where Diana left Themiscyra and immediately went to high school, because the CW. But even as details about Amazon emerged, the show itself kept failing to appear. First, it got bumped off the CW’s 2013 slate, with the promise of a redevelopment on the way—even as Warner Bros. planned to announce Gal Gadot’s version of the character would make her debut in the newly-unveiled Batman v Superman.

Then, the series just vanished off the face of the Earth altogether, as plans for Diana’s big-screen debut flourished, and culminated in the release of Wonder Woman earlier this year. Still, somewhere out there, Amazon continued to cling to some bizarre half-life. That is, until now, because five years later, it’s officially dead. The news came out of the CW’s TCA 2017 panel today, with network president Mark Pedowitz confirming that because, praise Hera, the Wonder Woman movie was such a triumphant success, plans to redevelop Amazon have finally been scrapped.

It’s been a long road for Diana’s resurgence in the realm of live-action. But I think we can all agree that it’s probably for the best that we got a truly wonderful Wonder Woman movie out of all this, rather than the high school adventures of Teen Diana.

Time to put Donna in 'Titans' instead :p


You would think now more than ever after the success of Wonder Woman they'd want to pursue this show.

On the other hand this would be at odds with Arrowverse so.


But Krypton and Gotham shall live on!

Only for Krypton to quickly get itself cancelled in less than a year.

Why was this going to be a thing? And yes let's get everyone we can on Titans.

Because superhero prequels because brand awareness.
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