The Dualsense is a more elegant controller than the xbox core controller.


I prefer the Dualsense myself, but the controller have some issues regarding quality, even though my controller is still fine, I have friends that are on their third controller which is unacceptable. The Xbox controller is very good and sturdier than Sony's but I always have the same problem, analog drift, 3 controllers developed the problem on the one-year mark.
The analog sticks are the same model and both are manufactured by Alps.

Maybe you got bad luck.
Actually, I have two Dualsense controllers. One black and my launch Dualsense.

So far I've noticed that the plastic is low quality, already scratched them both with my extra short finger nails. Which is crazy.

My midnight black Dualsense is 2 weeks old. I noticed a weird imperfection in the front matte thingie on the sides with two weird bumps on both sides. Like some trace after breaking the plastic out of the frame. Touched it when I noticed it- and instantly scratched it.

My launch pad has this scratch on glossy plastic besides right analog stick. Looks like a finger nail scratch too and I don't remember putting my finger there at all. 4 months old give or take.

Both controllers, right besides d-pad and x, square etc buttons have a weird gap where the two plastics meet. Could be low QC... Or a strange design choice. But alignment isn't perfect, one gap can be larger and other smaller. My OCD let's me believe its low QC.

Otherwise I really like them. So far no drift, no adaptive trigger damage, haptics are nice. But I turn all that off in online games.

Just noticed that DualShock4 was more scratch resistant- and no gaps whatsoever. Which is a shame.

If Dualsense Edge will be as scratchy as regular Dualsense then... I won't even start to consider that controller...
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Definitely get hand cramps on the dualsense when I use it for extended gaming sessions. MW2 is a perfect example. I've also just started getting pretty egregious stick drift this week on the right analog. It just randomly aims my gun down (or up for you pesants, I'm playing inverted) so any tips to fix this shit would be greatly appreciated.

Other than that it's a great controller and definitely feels more premium than the default series controller.
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While i prefer the layout of the Xbox Controller and think it works better in FPS - I agree that the dualsense has a more premium feel and has better features (duh)

A combination of both would be perfect
i use both DS5 and xbox one\series controllers on a regular basis.

I hate neither, for general controls I think they are pretty close, and all modern controllers are ergonomic. However xbox let their controllers stagnate for a very long time, while Sony added features (some questionable like the touch pad, some amazing like the haptics on DS5).

The DS4 was the controller that had the best feeling in the hands, for me at least.

I could not care less about stick placement, I think that this is a religion thing some people have on that topic.


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I am never sure why people hate on AA batteries for the Xbox controllers. One of my friends thinks it’s horrendous.

I just swap rechargeable AAs in when I need them. Compared to waiting for a controller to charge…love it! Plus in the long term I won’t have to open the controller up to switch batttery packs like I have had to do with my PS3 and PS4 controllers


Its a bit amusing that they've went the reverse this generation of controllers. The Xbox Series controller too small and cramped (the Xbox One version was perfect) and Dual Sense a little too large and wide.

Still, I prefer the DS for build and ergonomics anyways.
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