The Gears of war Franchise has sold over 40 million copies.

The series usually peaks around 7m, so sounds about right. I also agree with others that there's no way the newer releases sold more than the original trilogy. Gears 5 barely even charted from what I remember because of gamepass.
Do not believe for one minute gears 4 and 5 did half of the entire franchise sales.

Except the evidence aligns with that.

Also near half.

Gears 4 debuted at number 3 on the NPD chart and then fell out of the top 10 in its second month (top 20 isn't available for that month) gears 5 debuted at number 7 and fell out of the top 20 its second month so there is no way they sold 16-18 million copies combined.

That's not how sales work. Gears is now at 41 Million copies

Doing some investigating, when Gears Judgement was released the series as just short 20 million sold, the only bridge between that and Gears 4 was Gears Remake one year before in 2015.

At the launch of Gears 4 in 2016 the gears franchise was at 27 Million units which included early sales of Gears 4 itself.

41-27= 14 million.

Almost all of that would have had to come from Gears 4 and Gear 5, not including Gears 4's front-loaded early sales.

So that number could be as high as 16 million. But already 14 million across two games primarily is an average of 7 million per game which is sometrhing many devs only dream of.

We know that gears of War 4 had over 6.4 million players in an accidental leak
That falls in line with that average.

Gears 5 set a new sales record for the biggest Xbox FP release of the entire Xbox One generation

So to act like Gears 4 and gears 5 weren't big sellers is clearly incorrect. Those two games, along with lesser but still great performance by Gears Remake were major Xbox One releases. They are also selling for Xbox Series owners as well.


a gears remastered collection on steam would be dandy just sayin.
there was a trademark 2 months ago. we still dont know what its for but i would guess vga announcement. however i still think its too early for gears 6.
i also dont think it was for the movie/anime adaption since thats too early too.
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