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The History of Katamari Damacy | ChrisB Crisps


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We need more games like this with some weird and fresh take on gameplay. Such a simple premise for a game but it was really addictive.


I think he is missing one game, Katamari Mobile for Android. A very weird spinoff with 2D isometric (sort of) graphics and touch controls. It has nothing to do with I Love Katamari for Android and iOS, the remastered version of the original game for DoJa phones.

It sort of works on Android 11, but there are graphical errors and no sound. Anyway, it's really boring and loose.

I recently finished I Love Katamari on iOS and it's a decent game, but the touch/motion controls are a nightmare.

And the original version of the game for DoJa, provided by Ruwaga. Very cool game for a Java platform (not Java ME tho).

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