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The Official NeoGAF "Introduce Yourself" Thread

Mr. Grumpy

Grumpy see, Grumpy do.
Hi members, both new and old. ;)

We've set this imaginatively titled thread up as a friendly, welcoming space for people to just say "Hi" and maybe share a few words about themselves. This was my introduction from the thread we created for staff members, it doesn't need to be anything of that size though, anything would be great.

Maybe tell us what sort of games you like, what games your looking forward to, what non-gaming things you're interested in and maybe even a little bit about your choice of avatar.

We actually have several hundred brand new members that have just been joined up (Neophytes), I've added a few links below so that newer members can find their way to threads that may be of use to them.


There are three main types of membership on NeoGAF which I'll give a brief overview on below. You may also see other types of members in the community but these are the "standard" membership types.

Neophytes - The absolute newest of members.
  • Unable to create new threads. (Neophytes can now request to have a thread created on their behalf, follow this link for details.)
  • Unable to send messages using the NeoGAF messaging service. Able to receive messages though.
  • Unable to edit own posts after five minutes.
  • All posts are unpublished until a member of staff validates and publishes the posts.
  • Unable to enter NeoGAF Giveaways.

Neo Members - Have been seen to contribute positively to the forum.
  • Unable to create new threads.

Members - Have demonstrated a sustained positive contribution to the forum.
  • No member restrictions.

Although number of posts are also a factor in people moving from one type of membership to another, the reason we're not listing specifics is because it isn't solely based on that so somebody who has contributed positively could well be moved earlier than somebody with twice as many posts. Don't spam posts and expect to be moved earlier because it's very easy for the move to be delayed if we see that you're having a negative effect of the community.

Although being a full Member is permanent, in the general sense, it is possible for people to have rights removed if its deemed fit by the team. This would be unusual but it certainly isn't unheard of.

As some may already have noticed, we now have a Giveaways Tab at the top of the page, we're currently hosting our first giveaway and it's very much a work in progress but each individual giveaway can be set with a required minimum membership level rather than there being an overall requirement, so it's always worth checking there. Neophytes will not normally be able to enter though but as this one is a bit of test run for us, it is actually possible.

If you are a Neophyte and are wanting to contact staff for something and it isn't appropriate to use the Report Function (Reporting inappropriate posts) or the Error Reporting & Feedbackthread then you are able to do this using the Contact Us tab at the very bottom of the page or by using this email address - support@neogaf.com

Although you may find that you have more or less privileges than other members with different membership types, it doesn't mean that one type of member has authority over other members, it's not a rank and should never be treated as such.


Welcome to all members and thank you all for your contributions here, there's been a lot of support from the community here recently and we all hope that the you will lead by example for the new people rather than just relying on us to tell people what to do.



MOD NOTE - For your first post dont just put "Hi" or "Hey" or "Yo" or something. We get a lot of bots so to distinguish please make your first post at least a sentence to show you arent a robot. And we can learn more about you that way! Thank you.
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Ray Wonder

Founder of the Wounded Tagless Children
My name Jeff

I almost never take anything seriously, I’m as open minded as can be, and almost never think someone should be persecuted based on a political opinion. I like debates, fuckin swearin, feeling like I’m making dating profiles, and thread backfires. I have a kid on the way. I’m an arrogant prick that thinks he’s the smartest person in the room, yet I’ll always assist or root for an underdog. I try not to be hypocritical, and I try to understand and view things from everyone’s perspective.
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Neo Member
I was a long-time lurker, but stopped reading a few years ago when the tone of the forums went a bit south. My main passions are video games and baseball (I'm employed primarily in the latter interest and slightly in the former). Been playing games since I got an Atari 2600 for Christmas, in I believe, 1982. Enough of a video game nut that my mom thinks I'm unmarried because of that, but it's actually unrelated; my girlfriend is certainly much more trouble with my overbearing, obnoxious personality than the video games. But now it's a bit too personal.


Neo Member
I was a long-time lurker, but stopped reading a few years ago when the tone of the forums went a bit south. My main passions are video games and baseball (I'm employed primarily in the latter interest and slightly in the former). Been playing games since I got an Atari 2600 for Christmas, in I believe, 1982. Enough of a video game nut that my mom thinks I'm unmarried because of that, but it's actually unrelated; my girlfriend is certainly much more trouble with my overbearing, obnoxious personality than the video games. But now it's a bit too personal.

"troubled by" is the correct phrase. I can't even get my first post right.


Hey everyone. I'm Daniel. Been with GAF for a few years now. I'm a grad student majoring in history with an emphasis on Soviet and Russian history. Ive always liked film but was always a bit intimidated by certain GAF members who used to be 'prominent' in those circles. Y'all know who I'm talking about *cough Bobby* *cough sculli*
greetings and welcome to all members new and old (and just so we're clear, I'm not really a robot, I swear). I've been a part of this board since 2014 and had been lurking for more then double that time. like many, I came for the Gaming and stayed for the OT (thou it's been a little slow lately, hopeful it'll change soon). I'm still into gaming even thou I'm in my 40's now. PC and PS are my platform, thou not nearly enough time for my back lot. big movie fan but had not really watch TV for a long time now. did my fair share of traveling but wish I can do more. if you need any advise about visiting the West Coast of the States, hit me up and I can give you some suggestions.
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Been here for a minute. School, work and gaf take up my life. I only post from my cell phone so be easy on my structure. I graduate in May, and I'm moving to Lebanon Oregon in June, so heeeeeey!
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Hi I'm Angie. Just got my account approved. Looking forward to interact with the community and one day be able to make threads.

Mr. Grumpy

Grumpy see, Grumpy do.
So we got Neo Members and Neophytes...
That's correct, for the moment and it's simply to make things a little easier for the team.

With over a thousand new members being given access in a really short space of time (around 300 at the moment) what's been decided is that when the new members (Neophytes) post, each of their posts will be placed in an approval queue so that the post can be checked before it's made visible to everybody.

Obviously, this won't be permanent but it just simplifies us having to track what will hopefully be loads of new posts all over the forum from the newer people.

It is also worth pointing out that if the notices that a Neophyte member is really contributing to the community then all teams can make a case of speeding that up for that particular member. Of course, that works in the inverse too when needed.

The vast majority of new members have and will be absolutely fine with their initial posts but I think it was the third or fourth new entrant to post who ended up only being a member here for a matter of minutes and the majority of people were spared having to see and inevitably report that person's first and only post.

It's been done, in part, due to some of the posts that most of us were unfortunate enough to see when it all went crazy last year. We just don't everybody to be in that position again.

As I said, this won't be a permanent thing for people and it isn't about the importance that Neophytes, Neo Members and Members have here. Irrelevant of the User Title that people have, everybody is important to this NeoGAF...unless they go out of their way to prove to the community that they aren't.

I hope that makes sense to everybody? :)

It's early morning here so I've only just got up. After typing that earlier I thought I'd checked the records to see if there had been any more bans apart the one I mentioned above that happened last night in my time and out of the 300 or so new members, that is the only one that had to be actioned in that way.

Zero would have been better but I think one is a pretty good number to see.
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loki 16

Hello everybody!

I’m Jonathan and I have been on gaf for a couple years but never posted often. Now that gaf seems to be going in a new better direction I’m hoping to help foster a better community than before.
My two favorite games ever are The Witcher 3 and Persona 4.
My other hobby besides videos games is Futbol(soccer)
Nice to meet y’all.



I’m OrionFalls, I’m French, and I’m a data analyst. In my free time I like to read, write, cycle, and swim. My favourite game is Shadow of the Colossus.
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Neo Member
Hello everyone!

Terrible at introductions so I'll keep it brief, but I'm looking forward to being part of the community here. :)

I've been following GAF for a number of years, mostly as a source of gaming news. I understand the site is going through a bit of a transitional period at the moment so hopefully things will continue to improve.

Favorite games, possibly Clock Tower and Okami. Slightly odd choices but there we go. Also a huge fan of point and click/FMV games.

Looming forward to seeing you all around the forum. ^^


Howdy everyone!

My name is Mats, I'm a Norwegian living in Dublin Ireland working as a Network Engineer, I also used to write and edit for Elder-Geek.com.

My favorite game series are Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, Mass Effect, and The Elder Scrolls. As you might be able to guess from that list...I'm hurting. These days I mostly play League of Legends, PubG and Total War Warhammer 2.

In the free time I don't dedicate to gaming I (very slowly) am trying to teach myself programming and design. I also read, and watch the odd movie or TV show. I'm also really into sustainable living, technology, and permaculture. My favorite TV shows are The West Wing, Scrubs and Stargate (all versions). And my favorite movies are Lock Stock and Two Smocking Barrels, Fellowship of the Ring, and Oldboy. Favorite fictional book is Don Quixote (I read mostly non-fiction).

I sound like a hippie right? If you were to try to define my politics it would probably fit libertarian the best, but I'm more moderate than that and am willing to give up some freedoms for stability, utility and pragmatism.

I chose my avatar when I saw Jordan Peterson's interview with Cathy Newman and participated in the thread it spawned, also Toby's my boi :)
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Just back into gaming this Christmas after missing out this gen and from mid ps3. Currently hmmmmm finding time between parental obligations to play through horizon and Transistor.

Work in intellectual disabilities mainly with autistic adults usualy that have demonstrated violent or controlling behaviour in past that makes them not work well with others.

Been on here a long time mainly lurking. *Checks profile* 2006....feeling old. Haha I remember lurking before that but e3 became that time of year servers shut down and for a while there, only members got access so I joined.
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Hi everyone,

My Name is Leo, from Munich, Germany. I've been lurking for years and years on in before i decided to make an account as a result of the "Project Beast" leaks. I'mnot the most active poster though due to time constraints.

I work in Biochemistry, love Basketball.
On top of that i have been playing in a Metal-Band for almost 10 years now with my best friends. We've been doing this ever since we were in grade 10 in highschool and we've played concerts all across europe which is awesome. Our second album is about to release and i couldn't be more excited.

When it comes to gaming i'm all about the single player experience. I play a lot with my buddy during the week (we love to replay older games and play pretty much every new release together -> god of war will be glorious) and by myself it has boiled down to just the Soulsborne series, which has been my favorite franchise ever since i first got my hands on Dark Souls 1.

That's it....

I'm also very sarcastic but generally an extremely nice and open minded person...


Um, been here for quite a few years now and like every other person on here, I do accept that the best game ever is Chuckie Egg on the Acorn Electron.

I'm very much a console gamer these days when it comes to games and I'm embarrassingly excited at the moment because I have an Analogue Super Nt on order and it'll be the first time that I've ever actually owned a proper cartridge playing SNES. I do have a Nintendo SNES Mini Classic in the house, which is exactly what started me off thinking about the Analogue Super Nt.

Despite that I'm actually a pretty simple person with simple needs and I don't really need much more in my life other than my hiking boots, a chessboard, my kindle and something to listen to music on.

I can also tell people's fortunes using only their credit card numbers and the CSC on the back of the card if they send them to me in a private mes....please don't do this, I am joking. It's really not a good thing to do.

My avatar is Jean Luc Godard because I can't think of a single reason for anybody's avatar not to be Jean Luc Godard.

Yeah, me.
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lil puff

First off, I am one of those that was graciously allowed back into the forum by the mod team, and I want to thank them.

I was here I think since 2004, which seems like a long time ago! My life was totally different.

Anyways - NYC, fairly mundane life, wake up go to work, eat, pee and sleep and do it again. On weekends, if I'm not doing chores or shopping, or watching a game, I am on Twitch watching someone play a variant of Arma BR or DayZ. Escape from Tarkov is looking nice, and I like Miscreated (that game deserves more credit imo) Since my PC went down, I don't get to play anymore, but that's alright.

Anyways, that's about it. I will now scroll up and read the thread, because I tend to do things backwards!


Hello, my name is Eric
I'm a mid 40s gamer who has a youtube channel and twitch(same screen name so check me out if you like). I've been here since the mid 2000s(got the account approved in 08 but it was stuck for some reason for a few years. I think I signed up in 06.
From NC, play PC, Xbox one X, PS4 and Switch. Shooters and Third person games mostly. I like tech and building PCs as well.


Hey there,

I just joined recently and don't know much of what happened before the cataclysm.

My first console was the NES, my first PC-compatible device a Compaq with 80386 with 25 MHz and 120 MB hard drive and 5 1/4" floppy disk drive. That was a massive step up from the previous Amstrad CPC where I played Harrier Jump Jet until late hours, on a display that could only show green and no other colour. Currently I have a R5 1600 with GTX1080 and 3 screens plus Logitech G27 (for simracing) and a PS4 that I rarely use. I have an unhealthy obsession with Mecha and Battletech.

Outside of gaming I enjoy rock climbing, play the bass guitar, paint with oil, read books older than myself, love building Gunpla and found out that jogging relaxes me more than yoga ever could. I love cars but I hate commuting, hence I cycle to work, because standing in traffic for long time just makes me angry. I'm very fuzzy about privacy and find social media bewildering.

My avatar is Tumurin, the happy snail from the popular messaging app LINE.


Neo Member
I'm elbow 25, I live in a small town in the West kootneys located in BC, Canada. I have a beautiful wife and an amazing two year old son. I'm big fan of all things Sony and Nintendo. I'm also a huge fan of the 80s, movies and music like John Hughes films and BTTF and Devo.

I'm Maria, i'm from Sydney (Mosman) I'm studying Architecture (masters atm) and am doing placement/work experience with my uncles firm in Europe, which is rather challenging.

Crawling ever closer to 30.

Bit of a cardio bunny, don't smoke, light drinker. Lurked gaf for a good year before trying to join.


not an idiot
Hey GAF,

I'm shpankey, which is a reference to one of my favorite tv shows growing up, The Little Rascals, just for it's goofy zaniness. Back in the 70's,-80's there were only a few TV stations (OTA) so we took what we could get, lol. I honestly can't remember my exact start date here at GAF, but it was sometime before/just after the Dreamcast days, so probably 1998-99. I love videogames and the culture and especially talking/listening to other gamers thoughts and opinions and to of course share mine.

I am really impressed w/ the change (for the better) in culture here and excited for the future and new liberties in viewpoints. I was always frustrated w/ opinions being completely wiped out b/c even as someone who may disagree, I want to understand their thinking and why they think that way, if that makes sense.

Kudos to EL and the Staff.

p.s. I've been gaming since the launch of Atari 2600 and was an avid gamer at Arcades even. I own a gnarly PC, Xbox One X, PS4 Pro, PS3 and my son has a Switch and Wii U that I play w/ him all the time. I love games more than systems, but sometimes like to defend the underdogs. :)
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I've gone by the Minsc handle online since the early 2000's. It's a reference to my first character in Phantasy Star Online (which in turn was drawn from the great ranger Minsc.).

Outside of the internet I reside in Canada's smallest province where I attempt to be a dairy farmer.


Hello everyone! I'm VulcanRaven and I'm from Finland. I have been reading this forum for few years but I just joined. My favorite games are Metal Gear Solid 1-3. I mostly play on PS4.
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Hello Everyone nice to finally type an introduction lol. Oscar here but I usually go by Kei or Kei Sei... its a dumb story. Anywho I reside in Southern Califonia around the Los Angeles area and Ive been a member since 2013 and have been mostly a lurker with comments made here and there. I have yet to still make my own thread but hopefully I will do one soon. I was one of the people who were surprised when the whole migration happened and was really surprised how many people left so fast and were soo malicious towards the site posting all that stuff to get banned. I hope the ones that left on good terms find their way back and help this community grow to greater things than what it was before. I really enjoy how the mods and even Evilore are being more open and just feeling more human than before ( I really hated how they had that dumb modbot picture of that guy with the sunglasses It made them seem like they were just some schmoes with no personality) Ok sorry about the rant ( I say that alot)

About me Ive been gaming since the NES and just moved on up from there. Currently I have all the big 3 systems plus the 3DS and Vita. I recently started a Steam acct yes... im slow but have like 1 game cause I jumped on the Steam link Deal. I mainly play on my PS4 but have been also giving alot of time to my 3ds recently due to starting Xenoblade Chronicles. Ive got good impressions of it so far. I like all types of genres but RPGs are probably at the top of my likes. Not really a fan of sports games either ( I was the kid who had to walk around the whole school field on P.E. cause I didn't want to participate unless it was like volleyball or swimming)

Im also a Japanaphile in case you cant tell lol Ive been there about 5 times and would love to (pipe dream) live there. My other interest include obviously Anime, Manga, Jpop, Jrock, Kpop, ect. One Piece is my fave Anime and Berserk is my favorite Manga. Utada Hikaru is my all time favorite artist.

My Avatar is of me and my friends visiting the Gundam in Odaiba Japan. If you look really close i'm the one on the bottom right in the red shirt lol I havent seen the new Unicorn Model yet but hopefully soon.
Hmmm what else..... I guess thats it for now. I've got alot of fun stories and events that I hope I can share here sometime. Please feel free to add me as friends on any gaming networks etc. It'd be nice to meet more people here. Thanks all Mods and Evilore for the change up in way the whole site looks and feels now, I know great things will come as long as we all respect each others views even whether we agree or not, the open conversations lately have been really great.

Do I win anything for longest post so far??
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Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the capability to make the world's first enhanced store. Steam will be that store. Better than it was before.
Hi everyone, jshackles here.

I've been a GAF member for about 5 years now, most of that time was spent hanging out in the Steam threads but occasionally (and much more so recently) branching off into other parts of the site. A while back I created Enhanced Steam and that's been pretty successful over the past few years so I guess I became somewhat of a reluctant celebrity at least in the small circles here I ran with.

About myself: I'm married and have two college-aged kids. I've been gaming since I was 5 years old and started out on my grandpa's Atari 2600: he had almost 20 games for the system and we had a lot of fun playing it together when I was younger. I grew up mostly on consoles and found out early-on that I prefer RPG games over everything else. I'm particularly fond of Final Fantasy games, but I love and play all kinds of different games. When my family got their first PC in 1992, I immediately started learning BASIC and programming my own games and I've been a programmer (or programmer at heart) ever since. I've traditionally flip-flopped between consoles and PC every couple of years for basically my entire life. I'm currently hooked to the PS4 Pro and spend most of my gaming time there, but I also have an Xbox One S, Nintendo Switch, 3DS, and PSVita that I play pretty regularly. I'd say that perhaps to the detriment of some other areas in my life, I'm probably gaming about 20-25 hours a week. The kids being old enough to take care of themselves has helped that pretty tremendously.

I'm happy to read about fellow GAF members and what everyone is up to, which is why I started the 52 Games in a year challenge for 2018. It's a fun way to keep people updated on what you're playing and I personally use it to keep a gaming journal of what I've played over the last few years that I've participated. I know it's not for everyone, but I hope some others can come join us in destroying our ever-increasing backlogs!


Mickeyphree here.

Been a member for 13 years, more of a lurker than anything. Like some others have said, I stopped making this place a daily visit over the past few years due to the moderation and other aspects of the site. I'm curious to see if things can go back to the way they were around 2007-2010.

The Denis Dyack Too Human 6.8 review score thread is one of the greatest of all time.

Games I've complete over the last year:

Dark Souls 1-3, Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, Fallout 3, New Vegas, 4, Deus Ex Mankind Devided, GTA5, Resident Evil 7.

Currently working on Skyrim, Assassins Creed Unity, and Watch Dogs 2.

I'm primarily an Xbox guy, while my girlfriend is ps4.
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I love baseball and Linux. Love to see those things introduced so early in the introduce yourself thread.

Me, I'm 48 years old and have been gaming since the beginning of things. I love most every genre and tend to play from a wide variety of eras and devices.

In terms of who I am, I'm married (close to 20 years now - sometimes great, sometimes it's too much, like all very close relationships. ;)) I have one child who is a teenager. My wife and I own our own business and I am an investor/trader on the side.

I've traveled quite a bit. I'm native to the US, but have lived abroad (in Sweden) for several years and speak both languages.

I'd say I'm a thoughtful chap, tending more towards introversion, although I do enjoy a good gathering, especially with family and friends.

I'm happy GAF has stuck around through the prior turbulence. I prefer not to judge or jump to conclusions about others, as I'm sure I'm as troubled as just about everyone else. I enjoy the dialogue that is possible in both the gaming and off-topic forums and consider this a wonderful community most of the time.

Mr. Grumpy

Grumpy see, Grumpy do.
I've just added this link to the OP.

If you're one of the 'Neo' members who don't have the ability to create new threads yet, follow the link to post your request in there and full member who does have the ability to create threads will do it on your behalf. It will still be your thread and carry your name but it'll just have been created by a full member.

'Neo' & 'Neophyte' Members - New Thread Requests, Full Members Will Post on Your Behalf
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