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The Official NeoGAF "Introduce Yourself" Thread


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Cat snap!


So you made her immune with the name!
I suppose so. That is a great name for a cat because it is easily distinguishable. Like even when they say Pickles on TV she looks up. She comes when I call her too. (Because she thinks it's time to eat). She meows back when I talk to her.


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I've been lurking since about 6 months before the new consoles came out. finally joined a few months ago, have both PS% and Series x.

Prefer the latter's proposition so far.

Have only replied to threads before, just realised I couldn't create any, or participate in polls :(
You need 1 month of affiliation and 50 posts to be able to create a thread.

So you are just missing 21 posts.


Hey guys. I didn't even realize my account was approved already so that's cool I guess lol

Anyway, what's up? Any tips on where I should start if I just wanna post about random stuff and get to know people?


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Hi I like games, I dont know anyone else that likes games, so it would be cool to have a place to chit chat.
I have a wealth of obscure info and stats I've picked up through the years plus some fairly interesting tales from my own exploits.
My main favourites (at the moment) are Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, Total War Warhammer, Minecraft and anything with Turn based/RPG elements.
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Hello new here.

Just for clarity what constitutes "politics" since it's not allowed? Because half the threads I've read seem to be based on politics so I have no clue what breaks the rules or not.

Kev Kev

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Hello new here.

Just for clarity what constitutes "politics" since it's not allowed? Because half the threads I've read seem to be based on politics so I have no clue what breaks the rules or not.
General rule of thumb on GAF: If you’re not sure about a post being against the rules or not, don’t post it.

Just go with the flow my man. Try to gauge the situation by seeing what everyone is and isn’t getting banned for, and stay within those boundaries.

Game Filter

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I am Game Filter, but my real name is Nino.
Video Games have been my passion since early childhood. I've owned most popular consoles and PCs from the time when the keyboard was wooden on the side and we had to use tape recorders in order to save data.
In a way, I've always been part of this community, just not active. Well, now that's about to change!
I don't know if I am allowed to tell you about my game review youtube channel, so I won't. Don't want to get banned before I even have a single post :D
Looking forward to discussing games with all of you!


Hello everybody, my name is Krystian and I'm from Poland. I play games since early 90's (NES, Arcade games), but most of my favourite games were on 6'th gen consoles (PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, dreamcast). My english is far from good :p, hovewer I hope to improve my language skills thanks to you friends :).
Hi members, both new and old. ;)

We've set this imaginatively titled thread up as a friendly, welcoming space for people to just say "Hi" and maybe share a few words about themselves. This was my introduction from the thread we created for staff members, it doesn't need to be anything of that size though, anything would be great.

Maybe tell us what sort of games you like, what games your looking forward to, what non-gaming things you're interested in and maybe even a little bit about your choice of avatar.

We actually have several hundred brand new members that have just been joined up (Neophytes), I've added a few links below so that newer members can find their way to threads that may be of use to them.


There are three main types of membership on NeoGAF which I'll give a brief overview on below. You may also see other types of members in the community but these are the "standard" membership types.

Neophytes - The absolute newest of members.
  • Unable to create new threads. (Neophytes can now request to have a thread created on their behalf, follow this link for details.)
  • Unable to send messages using the NeoGAF messaging service. Able to receive messages though.
  • Unable to edit own posts after five minutes.
  • All posts are unpublished until a member of staff validates and publishes the posts.
  • Unable to enter NeoGAF Giveaways.

Neo Members - Have been seen to contribute positively to the forum.
  • Unable to create new threads.

Members - Have demonstrated a sustained positive contribution to the forum.
  • No member restrictions.

Although number of posts are also a factor in people moving from one type of membership to another, the reason we're not listing specifics is because it isn't solely based on that so somebody who has contributed positively could well be moved earlier than somebody with twice as many posts. Don't spam posts and expect to be moved earlier because it's very easy for the move to be delayed if we see that you're having a negative effect of the community.

Although being a full Member is permanent, in the general sense, it is possible for people to have rights removed if its deemed fit by the team. This would be unusual but it certainly isn't unheard of.

As some may already have noticed, we now have a Giveaways Tab at the top of the page, we're currently hosting our first giveaway and it's very much a work in progress but each individual giveaway can be set with a required minimum membership level rather than there being an overall requirement, so it's always worth checking there. Neophytes will not normally be able to enter though but as this one is a bit of test run for us, it is actually possible.

If you are a Neophyte and are wanting to contact staff for something and it isn't appropriate to use the Report Function (Reporting inappropriate posts) or the Error Reporting & Feedbackthread then you are able to do this using the Contact Us tab at the very bottom of the page or by using this email address - support@neogaf.com

Although you may find that you have more or less privileges than other members with different membership types, it doesn't mean that one type of member has authority over other members, it's not a rank and should never be treated as such.


Welcome to all members and thank you all for your contributions here, there's been a lot of support from the community here recently and we all hope that the you will lead by example for the new people rather than just relying on us to tell people what to do.



MOD NOTE - For your first post dont just put "Hi" or "Hey" or "Yo" or something. We get a lot of bots so to distinguish please make your first post at least a sentence to show you arent a robot. And we can learn more about you that way! Thank you.
Thank you for letting me join this forum. I really appreciate it:3


Hey, I'm a Romanian gamer, I used to put a lot of hours into MMOs in the 2000s-2010, after that I switched to home console gaming on PlayStation, I love talking about AAA singleplayer games mostly and gaming in general, also a huge TV Shows watcher, anime watcher and movie watcher
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