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The One Thing You Want In A Woman... Or Man I Guess

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yep i like me some 'warriors'
Nothing wrong with that.

Northern girls = Smash
Southern Girls = Date

LIving in a migrant tier one city it's a melting pot and when they are away from the family influence things change. Sort of like girls on a package holiday to Spain or for the US Spring Break girls. Sure I've seen the skeptic girls, but I swerve them anyway.
Those migrant cities can be rough. Without a cohesive local culture, a lot of people don't give a shit and do whatever they like. For dating though, that might not necessarily a bad thing...

I admit that I'm infatuated with southern culture. All of the south, Taiwan, Hong Kong, even Singapore, its all great in my books.
Hallmark answer: Happiness. Happiness is infectious and a lot more fun than a range of other emotions in the long term. I'm not going for 100% of the time here but make it a positive and active choice to be happy for yourself and your partner.

Horn dog answer: inhibition when giving or receiving pleasure. Ok I'll condense that down to the selfish version - give great blow jobs and enjoy doing so.


advanced basic bitch
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My fantasy is that my girlfriend was actually a young high school girl.
She gotta be hot. Looks deteriorate I know, but not as fast as the relationship.


Emotional strength and stability. You really don't appreciate how valuable this is to the harmony of a relationship until you've dated a few emotionally unstable nightmares.
Amen, brother. I've dated a few wrecks in my lifetime, and it ain't for me. I have a hard enough time looking after my own emotional wellbeing without having to worry about someone else's. I wouldn't expect someone to put up with my mood swings, so why would I want someone else to carry that burden?
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