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The Random News Thread

Feb 17, 2020
Transgender thief avoids prison because she can't be sent to a female or male jail

A transgender thief has avoided jail because she didn't have the paperwork to prove she is a woman and couldn't be sent to a male prison.

Leila Le Fey was sentenced to six months in prison for threatening a shop worker with a claw hammer so she could steal wine at a Budgens in Brighton.

She was taken into custody but released after an hour as her barrister Rebecca Upton argued that as Le Fey did not have certified evidence of her gender reassignment, she would have to go to the male-only Lewes Prison.

Ms Upton told Lewes Crown Court that as prison rules meant that Le Fey could not be kept in solitary confinement she would be a vulnerable prisoner, Brighton Argus reports.
She added: "The only way Le Fey could prove her new gender would be an 'undignified examination', one which court staff were not prepared to do."

The court heard the 40-year-old threatened to hit manager Enoch Adetayo with the hammer when he challenged her as she tried to steal the alcohol on November 6.

Ms Upton said Le Fey, who lives in Brighton, battled with drink and drug addictions and had out of trouble since 2014 before a relapse last year.
Judge Stephen Mooney said: “Having reflected again upon the impact an immediate custodial sentence would have, the difficulties there are and the intractable problems the prison service would face, I have reconsidered whether imprisonment must be immediate.

“In light of this information I have come to the conclusion that in your particular case it allows me to hope for some form of rehabilitation.”
Le Fey admitted common assault and possession of an offensive weapon and had her jail sentence suspended for six months and must attend 30 rehabilitation sessions.
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Jun 7, 2004

Warren Buffett explains the simple reason why the US will never default on its debt

wow hot wife!

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Bullet Club

Oct 24, 2017

Since the coronavirus gripped the US in March, he has welcomed five more kids into the world — bringing the total to 64. He met with four women in his home borough of Brooklyn and shared his seed with them. He’s also traveling the country to help out busy baby mamas.
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Oct 31, 2018

Can you please elaborate that the headline is completely misleading, if you're going to post it?

From the article:

:At Monday's hearing, Brennan stressed that police had responded to incidents between the mother and the daughter three times, and that Grace's detainment came out of violating probation related to charges of assault and theft from last year, ProPublica reported.

"She was not detained because she didn't turn her homework in," Brennan said. "She was detained because I found her to be a threat of harm to her mother based on everything I knew."

Brennan also addressed the scrutiny the case has come under.

"My role is to make decisions that are in this young lady's best interest, period," Brennan said. "I took an oath that I would not be swayed by public clamor or fear of criticism." "


Jun 11, 2019
Latest news, a gigantic metal bar hitted me in the top of my head and opened a huge bloody cut.
I don't know how my head is still in one piece:lollipop_grinning_sweat:

This fucking job...the week started wonderfully...
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