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The Scary of Sixty-First

was browsing Shudder and saw this flick was recently added

seemed interesting enough so decided to give it a watch

holy fuck. I'm going to dive right into spoilers because I doubt anyone is actually going to watch this film.

it's about some girls who find out their new apartment was actually one of Jeffrey Epstein's orgy flophouses

film goes batshit crazy REALLY quick.

I mean it gets into Clinton Body Count, Pizza Gate, some girl gets possessed by either Epstein or one of his victims (???) and begins masturbating against one of Epstein's property's while giving the door handle a blowjob, same girl starts using pictures of Prince Andrew to masturbate, you got a hot lesbian sex scene between two chicks who are high as hell on amphetamines, I could keep going.

this movie was terrible. I think I loved it.
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