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The Silent Hill thread.


I'm worried SH 2 remake is the biggest title they have

And the rest will be 6/10 Indie games

Capcom didn't turn around RE with a half-assed indie tier budget

I pray one of Sony's First Party Studios is helming an OG title
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Yeah. I kind of feel that way too.

Them not revealing any gameplay and just talking about all of these mystery titles means they either had bugger all to show at their showcase, or they're playing it super safe.
I'm worried SH 2 remake is the biggest title they have

And the rest will be 6/10 Indie games

Capcom didn't turn around RE with a half-assed indie tier budget

I pray one of Sony's First Party Studios is helming an OG title
All i know is that

Also, i wonder who made The Short Message? I think one of Sony’s first party studios might be doing something with Metal Gear, not Silent Hill.
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I want to know as well.

Anyway, I mistook the sticky notes as being flowers, so I do not feel it and "f" are remotely connected. But if it is a demo for something, it could be linked in a vague manner. Like how P.T. wasn't really Silent Hills. It was all for the hype.


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

00:00 Intro
02:52 Pyramid Head Statue Ad
05:33 Silent Hill 1 Introduction
10:46 Silent Hill 1 PS1
13:31 Silent Hill 1 PS3
15:24 Silent Hill 1 MISTER
20:12 SH1 Conclusion
22:26 Silent Hill 2 Introduction
24:16 Silent Hill 2 PS2
30:13 Silent Hill 2 Xbox
34:58 Silent Hill PC Original
37:03 Silent Hill 2 PC Enhanced
39:35 Silent hill 2 HD Collection PS3
45:47 Silent hill 2 HD Collection SX
47:25 Silent Hill 2 Conclusion
49:35 Silent Hill 3 Introduction
53:09 Silent Hill 3 PS2
57:15 Silent Hill 3 PC
01:00:39 Silent Hill 3 HD Collection PS3
01:05:21 Silent hill 3 HD Collection SX
01:07:13 Silent Hill 3 Conclusion
01:09:54 Silent Hill 4 Introduction
01:14:04 Silent hill 4 PS2
01:26:46 Silent Hill 4 Xbox
01:22:54 Silent Hill 4 PC
01:25:34 Silent hill 4 Conclusion
01:27:13 Silent Hill Origins Introduction
01:32:23 Silent Hill Origins PSP
01:36:12 Silent Hill Origins PS2
01:38:53 Silent Hill Origins Conclusion
01:40:36 Silent Hill Shattered Memories Introduction
01:44:10 Silent Hill Shattered Memories Wii
01:51:04 Silent Hill Shattered Memories PSP
01:53:46 Silent Hill Shattered Memories PS2
01:55:42 Silent Hill Shattered Memories Conclusion
01:58:05 Silent Hill Homecoming Introduction
02:00:31 Silent Hill Homecoming PS3
02:06:20 Silent Hill Homecoming SX
02:07:59 Silent Hill Homecoming PC
02:10:59 Silent Hill Homecoming Conclusion
02:13:21 Silent Hill Downpour Introduction
02:20:36 Silent Hill Downpour PS3
02:24:32 Silent Hill Downpour SX
02:28:07 Silent Hill Downpour Conclusion
02:30:11 What Have We Learned?
02:31:19 End
The best horror game of the 2010s was The Evil Within 2, as it filled a void for me. It was like you were in Silent Hill again, only it was this other world referred to as STEM. But it was basically rather similar. So a game like that would be awesome.

Ironically, Silent Hill will return. But what about The Evil Within series?
I just want to know what this game has to do with the town of Silent Hill, really. I am of course fully aware that Konami has shifted previous storylines to regions outwith Silent Hill itself. But I would say they were still close to where Silent Hill is generally situated, meaning you could quickly get there by car or by hitching a ride in a truck. But basing it in Japan now? I don't understand the connection there.

The other games, I cannot say much about them. But that "Townfall" one is going to have the new Unreal Engine 5. Whereas other games from this company used their Unity engine, and appeared to be 'answer these questions' type scenarios. So I hope the game will play like a traditional game. Like, even if it's a low budget indie project, I don't care. I just feel happy to be getting something new in the series at long last.


Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
FYI guys, Silent Hill Homecoming is currently on sale on Xbox for just $4.99. Backwards Compatible with modern consoles but no enhancements.

Unfortunately it's for the US only. No price drop in other regions.
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The plot for the upcoming movie has seemingly gotten leaked and posted on a German website. It seems there's going to be some minor alterations made for the Silent Hill 2 storyline.

I wonder who Jacob Crane is. 🤔

I hope they dont make James a 100% good guy and Jacob Crane caused all the issues in Silent Hill. Well, it might be good if it was a Henry and Eileen situation with Jacob Crane standing in for Walter.
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Same here. But it should be interesting nonetheless. Konami hadn't really promoted many games worth a shit for years, so this ought to be great for Metal Gear Solid fans.

I really want to know what Silent Hill: The Short Message is aimed at. It's a pretty mysterious title, to be honest. I think it was supposed to be a little teaser game for f or something. Dusk Golem said a while back that they are linked somehow.

Hmmm. Only time will tell...
It's a slog going months without any big news on the series. Then again, we waited over a decade for Konami to even announce the franchise is still breathing. Now the news has dried up again like a shriveled up prune.

What irony...

Months ago, they were talking about a demo or something, and it was rated in Taiwan and Korea. Now some 5 months later, there's no longer much in the way of updates, and the rumour even goes further back than that rating. We know the director of f has been teasing us a bit about what the letter is supposed to mean for that game, but genuine news and information on the project just isn't happening at a fast enough rate.

Anyway, I do kind of fear that if the games are released and they turn out to be mediocre, we'll have another RE situation on our hands. Of course, it depends on your personal outlook as to whether you're displeased or content with the current run of games Capcom has consistently produced within only a handful of years. But we've at least not been starved of new RE stuff. Personally though, I felt the RE games in the last 3 years alone weren't that impressive.

With Silent Hill however, we haven't had a new entry in some time. Years, in fact. So I just fear the games will arrive all too late, and people will be kind of happy at first, then realize the games aren't that great because there's nothing that indicates they are really SH level greatness. Also, with their tendency to focus on remakes nowadays, it would be a dick move not to do the original justice. Not saying that's gonna be the case. But I know that a lot rests on this SH2 remake being a success, and I hate it when a long time goes by with nothing else to talk about.

Plus, it's four games and a movie we're waiting for. So that's a lot to stew on.
While we await some genuine news on the games that Konami announced many moons ago, have a look at this similar horror game coming our way in the fall.



Another one debunked from the perverted minds of our youth,
Those are mannequins though, not nurses. Still, it applies. He's talked about this scene a few times over the years.

A little further down, he does note that it was meant to look somewhat sexual in nature, but it wasn't meant to depict rape. Not entirely sure what that means though (I doubt the mannequins consented to PHs sexual not-sexual handling). Idk Ito. Still seems rapey.
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