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The Sphere Hunter: Resident Evil 4 The Game That Changed Everything


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Troubled Development 00:00 - 09:52

Strong Opener 09:52 - 18:06

What makes RE4 Special 18:06 - 32:27

The Village 32:27 - 49:15

The Castle 49:15 - 1:05:36

The Island 1:05:36 - 1:18:28

Story Thoughts 1:18:28 - 1:22:41

Unlocks 1:22:41 - 1:25:17

PORTS 1:25:17 - 1:35:31

Conclusion 1:35:31 - 1:37:08

OUTRO 1:37:08 - 1:38:14

And I agree. Outstanding game and amazing change from the fixed camera and tank controls of previous games.
Funny thing about the controls; if you think about it RE4 still has tank controls in a sense. I think it comes from the fact you still have to stand still while aiming and shooting, which channels basically how you do it in the PS1 RE games. In fact, it's a bit more challenging in RE4 (outside the very first version of RE1) because there's no target lock-on mechanic, you have to aim the reticle yourself so it requires more player precision.

That said, you get a lot more control over specific body parts to hit, and FPS games were a lot more common on consoles by that point so it didn't feel like it was that much of an adjustment in practice.


I've noticed in the ps4 version there's tons of input latency, or perhaps it's a dead zone issue, but it makes precise aiming extremely difficult. Even in the ps2 version that was 30fps I don't recall having trouble aiming.


Pretty much yeah. Nice girl and all but 80% of her videos are dull. Can't trust her opinion also after she said RE3 remake was a day one buy. I put my faith in her and got burnt.
Then she spent the following months hyping up people over the idea of free dlc that would fix the issues,just a glorified shill honestly.
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