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The State of Xbox Game Studios, Bethesda Softworks, and Activision Blizzard King: A breakdown of all the Confirmed Projects, Leaks, and Rumors

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Copied from gaming /r/GamingLeaksAndRumours/
author : https://old.reddit.com/user/Crusader3456

Xbox Game Studios:

  1. 343 industries: Currently working on post launch content for Halo: Infinite and its planned 10-year roadmap for the future of Halo. A small team is working on continuous updates to Halo: Master Chief Collection such as new maps from Halo Online, armors, mod tools, and custom games browser for each of the games. Halo Infinite is set to have a Co-op mode release in its second season and Forge release in its third season. Also developing and maintaining the Slipspace Engine. According to Window Central's Jez Corden, there is also a New Halo Project distinct from Halo Infinite in development. 343i also filed a trademark for Halo: The Endless. Whether this is a DLC Campaign for Halo Infinite, a new game, or a book is unknown. The Beta build for the new Halo Waypoint had a reference to multiple campaigns leading people to believe that campaign expansions are likely especially since Halo Infinite was described as a 10-year title. Certain Affinity is also working on something new for Halo Infinite that might be a Battle Royale according to Jez Corden.
  2. The Coalition: Currently working on mastering UE5 according to a Press Release. The press release states they are working on "multiple projects" with one being confirmed to be the next Gears of War. According to rumors heard Jeff Grubb, he believes the smaller project to be a new IP on a smaller scale, though he does not know what the IP could be. He heard rumors of a Star Wars IP but was unable to confirm them. Jeff believes this small IP is set to release in 2023 and Gear Next after.
  3. Compulsion Games: They are working on a Single Player, 3rd Person Action-Adventure game in mid development. The codename of the game is Project Midnight and is a Dark Fantasy title according to Jez Corden at Windows Central. They recently moved to a new office and are planning to over double their staff.
  4. Double Fine: Having recently released Psychonauts 2, it is unknown exactly what Tim Schafer will do next. There had been rumors of Banjo Kazooie, but Tim shot them down in an Interview with IGN stating Double Fine makes their own games. They have been working a on project with a new IP since 2018.
  5. The Initiative: They are currently working on the Reboot of Perfect Dark. Jeff Grubb has stated he believes this is set to release in 2023. Square Enix studio Crystal Dynamics is also helping with development of the title.
  6. inXile Entertainment: This studio is working on 2 projects, one in full development. One is in preproduction, and one is in full production. Both are very far out, likely 2024. The game in full production is codenamed Project Cobalt and is said to be a 1st Person Steampunk RPG by Jez Corden.
  7. Mojang Studios: Currently working on the The Wild update for Minecraft and extended support for Minecraft: Dungeons. In 2020 Mojang had rebranded in 2020 and stated that they want to develop new games and experiences in addition to Minecraft across their multiple global offices. They are also working on Minecraft RT, the Ray Traced Minecraft. According to Jez Corden, 2 brand new spin off titles are coming from Mojang though what exactly they are he did not say.
  8. Ninja Theory: Currently working on Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 (believed to be launching in 2023) and the smaller scale Project: Mara. They also released a Next gen patch for Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice on Xbox Series X|S and are planning to release a PC update too. Project: Mara "will be a real-world and grounded representation of true mental terror" and "will be based heavily on research, interviews, and firsthand accounts to recreate the horrors of the mind as accurately and believably as possible." In addtion, Ninja Theory announced the establishment of a research and development effort dealing with mental health, dubbed The Insight Project. The Insight Project builds upon and continues the co-operation between Ninja Theory and Paul Fletcher, a University of Cambridge psychiatrist and professor of health neuroscience who had consulted the studio on Hellblade. With The Insight Project, Ninja Theory plans to build smaller games to "help people identify and control negative emotions".
  9. Obsidian Entertainment: Confirmed in development projects are Grounded (an early access "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" survival game), Avowed (a 1st person RPG set in the Pillars of Eternity world of Eora), and Outer Worlds 2. Avowed is believed to be releasing in 2023 and the full release of Grounded in 2022. Additionally, Josh Sawyer is leading a project codenamed Project Missouri which has been reported to be titled Pentiment by Jez Corden. It is said to be a no combat RPG like Disco Elysium and "you act as an investigator in 16th century Europe uncovering the truth behind a grisly murder." Rumor of a Critical Role RPG (though the post for this has since been deleted along with its poster), According to Jez, Obsidian is "targeting 7 games in 7 years".
  10. Playground Games: Currently developing DLC and ongoing content for Forza Horizon 5 at their main office and the reboot of Fable at their new office. Fable is also believed to be launching in 2023.
  11. Rare: Currently developing new content for Sea of Thieves, having just released the cross over the Disney's Pirates IP, A Pirate's Life. They are also developing a new IP called Everwild though not much is known about it other than some cinematic shots. It is belived to be releasing in 2024 after being rebooted according to Andy Robinson. According to Jeff Grubb, the development even post reboot is still a mess.
  12. Turn 10: Currently developing a next gen revision of the Forza Tech engine and the next iteration of the Forza Motorsport line of games. Forza Motorsport is rumored to be launching in 2022.
  13. Undead Labs: Currently developing State of Decay 3. Believed to be launching in 2023. Recently opened a new Orlando Florida location to support State of Decay 3 and other Xbox Game Studio projects which also confirmed SoD3 is moving to Unreal 5.
  14. World's Edge: While World's Edge does not develop games internally, they manage external partners who are developing content for the Age Of series. They are currently directing the development for content in Age of Empires 2 DE, Age of Empires 3 DE, and Age of Empires 4. They have also stated they have not forgotten about Age of Mythology. These games are PC only for now but they are interested in attempting to solve controller issues to get them on console in the future. Age of Empires 4 might be in testing on Xbox consoles currently

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author: https://old.reddit.com/user/Crusader3456
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