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The Tomb Raider Reboot trilogy sold 38 million copies in total, with the franchise totaling 88 million copies sold.


Whatever 1 we get she will have a bigger cock than both of us thats for sure.
Embracer Group will be on charge of it, not Naughty Dog

I'm dreading seeing the new Lara Croft, which way will the tone/design go? Will she be sassy, cool, Hooty McBoob once again or will she be a 15-stone, side-shaved haircut, surfboard "realistic woman"?

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I'd go back to classic hot and cool Lara, a -traditional- femenine beauty ideal in the context of a treasure hunter.

I don't like these "realistic women", in the same way that I want to see Ryu in Street Fighter or Kratos with biceps bigger than my head and insane muscles even in their eyebrows. Beauty ideal to make cool an alpha male gigachad super warrior. I don't want Kratos being non muscular slim guy or to be paunchy.

They are fantasy heroes, icons that must look great. Stuff I would like to be or at least an interesting character I like to see. Not to reflect what I am or whatever the ideals of 0.0334431% of the populations are. Like the paintings or statues of gods and so on made by Michelangelo and he other classics.

If someone gets "traumatized" by looking a good looking cartoon character should go to a therapist or work his/her selfsteem, instead of asking to replace icons with bad looking characters. I'm tired of the bullshit.
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The first two games were good, but I never bothered with the last one.

The thing is that they lacked charm. The new Lara Croft is boring, she doesn't have personality, and the side characters are even worse. Gameplay wise it was too action oriented, when I think it could use more exploration... But good and interesting exploration, not that boring formula of collecting useless stuff around every corner for achievements or to craft some silly upgrades.

The franchise is great, it has potential, but I don't see them making a truly great new TR anytime soon, if ever. Sadly.

That being said, yeah, I'm sure it sold a ton, specially on sales. But if they wanted it to be remarkable they should have tried better.
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thinks Halo Infinite is a new graphical benchmark
From what I played it’s a successful franchise and I can’t wait for the 4th game.
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