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Theres simply not enough talent in this industry. Everyone wants to be in Hollywood. Gaming culture and stereotypes have killed the desire to be a....


We need more Kojimas, sadly he's never been matched since 1998.

With that said I chuckled at the nintendo praise, their lineup is the least inspiring out of all three.
Really? To me, I see MS and then Nintendo as holding the freak flag highest atm.
Freak flags are great by the way. It's where innovation tends to come from.
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Good thread OP. I habe been asking this myself for years.

Nobody cares about the story, gameplay elements. Majority AAA devs just focus on graphics and call it a day.

I do disagree with GoT though. Yes it wasn't doing anything new, but the combat was pretty damn good and the story was better than every assassin's Creed game since black flag. Comparing to AC because it felt like it was what AC should have turned into.

Ps360 era was the best gaming era for me. So many amazing games and franchises of different genres, original stories, developers always trying to do new things done.

Konami fucked up. ND is trying God knows what with their nonsensical controlling the narrative shit. Rockstar games is taking even longer to create new games. Bethesda is shit now. Ubisoft has become a mass manufacturing company with Ctrl+C/V formula.

You know you don't have anything original that's good when market is full of remasters and remakes.
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