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This forum is racist.

Prison Mike

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[+Multiple] No, you insinuated everyone who posted here was racist and were moderated. Then you bleated for attention and were permanently banned. So ends the ballad of nerdface. So begins the bedroom wails and angsty shrieks of teenage rage.

hahaha, was hoping it would turn into an opera!


advanced basic bitch
...twice I've defended diversity in threads on this forum, and have recieved moderation points every time.

not the guy calling people cunts instead of intelligent discourse

looks like OA won... you're the new opa-ages

mod edit: Actually I was warned about my conduct a few times and my over eagerness to label everyone terrible things. Here is the history below.

This post was deleted and I was asked to knock it off.

Then I did the same and decided to try and one up my previous insult of the community

Then I decided to wade into the recent Jason Schreier and diversity thread and basically call everyone a racist for good measure. You can read that post here because I was warned (again) and reply banned. But I was still not banned. Then I had a complete meltdown here and wanted to have my twitter moment in the Communities section.

Congratulate me!! I will wear it with pride, I have earned it.


Scotty W

Good for the mods. I had just noticed how abrasive he was. This thread is a bit like Alinski mid level violence, where you put some one in a situation where if they do nothing they look weak, but if they do something they look tyrannical. Of course, that failed here as on the internet, we have reciepts.
Pretty funny how you never countered my point in the other thread. Heaven forbid we defend an indie game studio for bing labeled racist just because a majority of the team happen to be white and male. I welcome diversity and people of all walks of life in the gaming industry. What I don't welcome is a pathic journalist who smears people for his own political agenda all the while hiding the fact that the dev team already had a female producer.

Get fucked OP.


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Dude i was joking, there is nothing racist in cunt or bitch or any of these terms.
I don’t know, I use those words in public all the time and I’m pretty sure a LOT of people are hearing racist undertones.




Was he a zombie? Have we had the first case in GAF history of a post-mortem poster? Has he risen again from the afterlife?

In that case, can we get the cunt back to ask him whether god exists or not, and how big Her tits are?

And if we can identify as horror monsters now, then I’m changing my gender status to Cenobite.


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When I read those pronouns, I almost spat out my coffee. I love all these secret former members who once posted “ban me” returning under new names only to get banned again. 🤣

Move on guys! Get a life!
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