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Titles added to Xbox Game Pass in 2021 were reportedly worth over $6,300


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That would be a fun idea, I can see that being something that would get shared around a lot. One snafu might be when you had users that didn't game as often but kept up their GP subscription, the app would basically be pointing out that they weren't using it much. :messenger_tears_of_joy: But I doubt that would ever come up often. Like you said, to keep the numbers true you'd have weed out the games where someone just completed a GP quest and then never touched it again.
Yeah unfortunately for me.. mine would over the course of 3 years tell me I installed Wasteland 3, hated it, and deleted it.

That's.. it lol

I spend a lot of TIME gaming, but I dedicated to a small handful of games I find and love.. my habits just don't fit GamePass, and I never was able to change those habits (although I wanted to.)

/goes back to playing They are Billions and Grim Dawn for the 10 thousandth hour


Do you really want to bring those here?

If you want to troll around, I can give you all elder scrolls, and fallout series from gamepass. That is what you get, when you have xbox console.

On a serious note, you need ps+ to get those ps5 games. Its the same thing as gamepass games. It will go away, once your sub runs out.

Fallout 4 is free in the PS+ Collection too.


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Would be cool if GamePass had a stats page personally for users, that showed time spent on GamePass games, and the amount of money a gamer would have spent to buy all of the games played.

You know big fans would treat it like some extra sort of GamerScore and would show it off online too. Would need to put some sort of threshold on games to make it so playing for a few seconds didn't add that value to your account otherwise people would pump it up lol

MS would likely never do the above though.... it'd just be endlessly pointed out as misleading.

I guess the one thing you can do to find this info is check the Xbox App. Not every game does it, but most games show total time played if you check your profile in the Xbox App.

This should be on the website too, but ah well.


Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
How I look at it, all I need to do is play (enjoy) two full retail games a year and the service pays for itself. So far I am coming out ahead.

If your GP is about to lapse, you can use the 3 years Gold to GPU conversion and save a crap ton of money that way.

Normally, New Egg or other places have price drops on 1 year Gold every now and then, or you can use a VPN to get cheaper Gold from other regions.

Then simply use the Gold to Ultimate page on Xbox.com and convert all of your Gold to game pass ultimate. It only costs $1 the first time you do it.

You can have 3 years max at one time.
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