[Tom Warren] Microsoft lays off nearly 1,000 people across the company including Xbox division


Fafracer forever
You don't think putting 1,000 people out of a job qualifies as massive layoffs??
If people knew the real number of people these types of companies go through every year - then no, noone would think of that as massive.
However - there's a difference between concentrated bulk redundancy vs. much higher number that's spread across 12 months and across the entire company. So only one of them makes news.


Yup my team was one. We got outsourced to India yaaaaaay. Another team I know? Outsourced to India yaaaaaaay. It's like when we (the US) shipped our manufacturing to China...but you know you get what you pay for. Lol at least I no longer have to do 24/7 on call anymore. *that* sucks...
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