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Tom's Hardware: Far Cry 6 Proves Consoles Aren't Powerful Enough for Ray Tracing



Eschewing ray tracing on console versions of Far Cry 6 is a telling stance for Ubisoft to take. Forget all that nonsense about RT on consoles because the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X simply aren't fast enough to do RT justice, which we've known for about a year now, ever since the RX 6000 series launched. Add a few minor ray tracing effects and you can get okay performance on the RX 6000 GPUs and the latest consoles, but those minor ray tracing effects are just that: minor.

So far, every RT-enabled game promoted by AMD has been in that same category, which makes sense as even the fastest of the consoles — the 12 TFLOPS Xbox Series X with 52 CUs and 52 ray accelerators — can't even match the RX 6800, never mind the RX 6800 XT and RX 6900 XT. And yet, when we looked at ray tracing performance across a suite of games, AMD's best only matches an RTX 3070 Ti, and sometimes it can't even beat the RTX 3060 Ti. And Far Cry 6 isn't even going all-in on ray tracing for PCs. It includes RT shadows and hybrid RT reflections—it uses a combination of RT reflections with SSR (screen space reflections), providing a compromise between quality and performance.

Knew it.


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Or they would not be fucked to implement it.

And the journalism

Also Ubisoft just can't keep up with superior Slavic technology

So tell me more

Also let's wait how the RDNA 2 card will perform at this title, because without DLSS...
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There's a difference between doing some ray tracing, and make your illumination system fully ray traced.
The later would make even the high end desktop GPUs from AMD struggle.

true, but does fc6 have full rtx illumination on pc? because if it's only reflections, we already know that crossgen games can have that on console, and fc6 is as crossgen as it comes.


Fact check: mostly true. We've seen some decent implementations of raytracing but it's no where close to what's possible on PC. I rate it a gimmick/10 on consoles (Metro might be the only exception, but even there RT is rather limited).
Fast check: pc is not powerful enough for raytracing also, if we want really talk about hardware capability about it. Otherwise DLSS wouldn't exist. Sure console are more limited compared pc (shocking news!) but it's quite early to establish what's the limit of the console and this article says practically nothing of revelatory outside a bunch of vague chats of the nothing tech wise. If I'm not wrong AMD raytracing it's even different to the Nvidia implementation, based to the Metro developers feedbacks.
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pretty sure upcoming spiderman 2 and wolverine will feature ray tracing, even theres no confirmation from Imsomniac.

and the statement doesnt make sense when far cry 6 doesnt look that impressive to omit RT on consoles.
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Ever since this site was sold by the original Tom, it has become a disgrace. It's no longer a tryst worthy tech site.
This is just clickbait and false information.

Besides, how many threads do we need saying FC6 doesn't have RT on consoles?


Yeah so games like Spiderman, Ratchet&Clank, Resident Evil Village, Metro Exodus and Ubisoft's own Watch Dogs Legion are just the fruit of imagination :messenger_grinning_sweat:
Far Cry 6 looks outdated ray tracing or not, they simply didn't have the time to optimize their game to support ray tracing on consoles while on PC they can brute force whatever.
Don't give hits to the obvious clickbait article.


I tend to agree, from what I've seen.

In the Insomniac games the hit to resolution or frame rate is severe, just for some more accurate reflections that you're probably not going to notice.

Just because something CAN be done, doesn't mean it SHOULD be done.

Imo RT at this level just isn't very impressive and is still very expensive. We'd have been better off just waiting until next gen, by which time games will hopefully be able to be fully designed around it. Then it'll be worth it.


The fact that we have some raytracing on console is fantastic. It is weak tho but I think that's more of an AMD issue. RDNA2 is their first shot at raytracing, isn't it?

I am perfectly fine not having raytracing if it's too much on the hardware. Its not the end all, be all of gaming.


I mean, if there were no examples of ray tracing implementation I’d get it but this sounds more like someone having unrealistic expectations. It’s not like these consoles have the ray tracing capability of a RTX 3090 and that has been pretty apparent since they were revealed.


Not played Ratchet and Clank yet, but the RT in Spider-Man : Miles Morales is beautiful. I played the whole game through in Performance RT mode and it was a great experience. It was just all the little touches.

I turned it off once, to see if I'd notice, and ... yes, I did. There was just something missing from the picture overall.


I mean if you just gonna port the nvidia method without optimization of course consoles are not enough.
Or they feel that cutting the Consoles to 30 fps and sub 1440 isn’t worth a low quality RT solution for their game. That’s what optimization would look like
Ray tracing is not some black & white thing that you can either do or not do.

The new consoles have tentative early hardware. High-end PC GPUs (esp Nvidia) are far more capable.

This is common knowledge, no great revelation. What you do with that hardware is up to the developers.


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Thank you Captain Captain obvious.

It's the devs design choice and you can't expect a 3736272747tf PC to have parity with 11/12tf consoles.

And that's ok because we have thousand dollar PC parts which give us that tried and true advantage on PC.

But pieces like this shouldn't be an indictment on the consoles so shame for the click bait.
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