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Top 10 Anime Characters of All Time


Chichi is the biggest freak in all of anime.



So far my list is :
  • Goku from Dragon ball
  • Saitama from one punch
  • Guts from berserk
  • Ash Ketchum like how can you not put Pokemon's main character in this list I'm not sure if Pikachu counts as he is a animal/pokemon
  • Usagi Tsukino or as Serena in Sailor moon
  • kenshiro from fist of the north star
  • naruto from naruto
  • motoko kusanagi from Ghost in the shell
  • vegeta because he is simply too popular
  • luffy from one piece

Honorable mentions go to Demon Slayers Kimetsu no Kaiba and Attack on Titan characters. I fell off of AoT and I never even watched Demon Slayers.

Other honorable mentions that I'm more familiar with would be
  • tai from digimon
  • kenshin himura but he has really fallen off for reasons.
  • ichigo from bleach. Personal opinion on the show they powered up too quickly and the world's power structure wasn't created really well. Dragon ball super is having the same issue.
  • jotaro from jojo
  • light from death note ( show wasn't really my thing so I barely watched it but I know folks keep mentioning his name)
  • deku from my hero academia
  • totoro from my neighbor totoro
  • tenchi from tenchi muyo

It's weird I kept thinking of old shows that have fallen off like Love hina, Oh my Goddess, and even Slayers but all of these shows are somewhat old school and would never be mentioned nowadays. I think a Slayers reboot would be awesome even if I haven't finished watching this show.
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#8 and #9 may swap places after Attack on Titan chapter 138 comes out and Isayama potentially fucks up Eren’s character...

I’m also considering replacing #7 Aizen with Madara Uchiha from Naruto or Goku Black/Zamasu from Dragon Ball Super...


In no particular order:

Manji from Blade of the Immortal

Tenma from Monster

Lum from Urusei Yatsura

The Tachikomas from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.


1) pikachu, everybody on the planet knows it. also lots more pokemon are on the n1 spot after pikachu.

2) goku, obvious reasons. Everybody knows him, probably less people that pikachu as parents most likely also know it by now, also the side cast is very well known such as vegeta / freeza .

3) Less people know him, but still very very well known in the market and tracks behind goku for sure, i don't think much of the other cast is known well however.

4) With the insane amounts of episodes and never ending anime, i am sure he's well known by now by most people, but still i would say below the other 3 and more nich to japan.

5) one punch man, got insanely populare in the western market, because its unique on how it does everything different, also resembles kind of a bootleg superman in a modern interesting take.

6) Bleach, and when talked about bleach the main character in the series is probably aizen as the main character is kinda forgettable and this guy takes the headspot on that front.

still far more nich then the other anime's.

Not a manga reader at all, aside from a few issues but I try making my top 10

Ace from one Piece
Future Trunks
Levi Ackermann
Ex aequo for Gohan and Roronoa Zoro
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10. Kirin
9. Grandpa Gohan
8. Roshi
7. Mercenary Tao
6. Chiaotzu
5. Yajirobi
4. Launch
3. Oolong
2. Mercenary Tao
1. Roy Mustang

Above all ranking: Mr Popo


we talkin OG ‘Friend’ or the...later one?

One of the most underrated characters in all Anime/Manga. He gets overshadowed by Johan, but people seem to forget just how well developed Tenma is as a protagonist.
I can't believe they haven't made a 20th Century Boys anime yet.


Before I proceed, I’d like to let everyone know that, of course, at the end of the day this is all simply 100% FACTUALLY CORRECT and you’re wrong and stupid if you disagree. Cool. Let’s go:

10. GUTS

came here to post this. He should be no. 1.


1- Ginko
2- Reinhard Von Lohengramm
3- Ikari Shinji
4- Mako Mankanshoku
5- Griffith
6- Togame
7- Joseph Joestar
8- Fakir
9- Lelouch
10- Tokuchi Toua

I have a lot more but you asked for only 10, i had to make some cuts between characters that i value equally but some of those are indeed a top 10 for me.
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