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Transferring my Nintendo switch to the oled model


Hi Gaf I’m getting the new oled switch. I was wondering can I just sign into my Nintendo account on the new model and sell my current switch now or do I need to wait and transfer between the switch’s manually?


Ah nuts thanks for the clarification though! On the plus side I did just waste ten minutes getting the box out the loft and untangling the wires behind the tv 🤪


Think you can just make the new Switch your primary console.
If you have a Nintendo Switch Online account most saves should be cloud backed up although I think a few like animal crossing and Pokémon don't support it, not sure in those circumstances with regards save transferring.

Go the Shop Menu
Scroll to bottom

You can only do it remotely like this once a year

Whichever console you next use to access Nintendo eShop will automatically be set as the primary console for your Nintendo Account.
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