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Triangle Strategy | Review Mega Thread


Ah I really want this game. Loved Octopath, but with horizon, Elden ring, and gran Turismo, I might have to wait a couple months to pick this up. Need a physical version in my collection for sure.


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Triangle Strategy reviewed by Rowan Kaiser on Nintendo Switch.

It may not put its best foot forward immediately, but once Triangle Strategy gets going it's shockingly successful at telling a story based on real-world ideas like resource competition and the ambitions of nobles, and those human stories manage to overcome even a massive wet blanket of a main character. It allows for meaningful choices while also including a voting system for party members that can override your desires - based on a groundwork you laid yourself - in fascinating ways. Underlying all of that is its combat, which is simple, well-designed, and appropriately challenging in all the right ways. It may be quiet in its greatness, but that's still great.
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