Trusted Reviews: PS5 battered Xbox in 2022 and The Game Awards nominations prove it

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The highly prestigious end-of-year gaming awards take place on December 8 and Sony Santa Monica’s new Norse mythology adventure leads the way with ten nominations – including Game of the Year, Game Direction and Best Narrative

Elden Ring and Horizon Forbidden West also feature in the top categories, while the sleeper hit Stray (6 nominations), A Plague Tale: Requiem (5) and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (3) feature in amongst the most-nominated games.

gamers especially, who haven’t had much in the way of massive original releases to choose from – especially on the Xbox side of things.

The PS5 clearly had the better year, with two of the best games nominated here exclusive to the platform and created in-house by Sony.

Another day, another thread.

Holy shit, seems like people are finally waking up and seeing through Phil’s empty promises. Let’s hope that they deliver in 2023, for their sake.


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GOWR and HFW were both 2021 games originally - not sure about GT7?

I wonder what Sony actually had planned for this year, because it would have been a little sparse without those delays.

On the flipside, MS' only two big games for 2022 got delayed to 2023.

MS is still in a difficult spot but with so many games in development they must be going to explode with content at some point.
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no shit

The thing is, despite that, 2023 doesn't even look better on Xbox than on Playstation. Depending on if FF16 and Forspoken are true or long exclusive deals or not. Sony always have third party games backing up. I hope Microsoft will have one more "major" game they can slip through for 2023.

All of that being said, most Sony first party games don't interest me so that doesn't really matter to me, i just want Microsoft to actually start their generation, it's getting absurd. Luckily there's good third party to come on Gamepass.


Don't think Hellblade 2 was confirmed for 2023. It could but it could also come out in 2024.
It is 2023 title. The one that would be delayed to 2024 would be avowed.
If they delay it to 2024, then MS its a bad outlook for MS.
They need a 2023 big title, aside of 2022 delayed games.


Another thread ignoring that Xbox strength are not the same than PS strength... Damn I know, exclusives and everything you want, I love Nintendo and know what having exclusives feels, but Xbox is a different type of machine for a different type of consumers than PS, not that they don't need exclusive, but they can rely on them way less and keep a decent amount of marketshare, that's what they've done and has worked so far, the marketshare ratio isn't nearly the same than on previous gen
Imagine not owning both systems in 2022 and then engaging in console warring.
Why would someone that already have a PS5 buy any xbox in 2022? What would have caused somebody who did not already really want one to decide to want one in the last year?

I just don't see why that would have happened... The other way around? sure, I can give you plenty of arguments in the form of a list of top tier games that are nowhere else.
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