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Ubisoft says Skull & Bones is now a ‘multiplayer-first’ game


If its always a MP first game, why is this a news?


This. Everyone should be more so asking this vs even jumping to conclusions based on clickbait. I try my best not to just go off of memory and Iooked back at that original trailer and they are pretty fucking clear this is a online title.

The link you provided literally shows that its not a single player game, but a online game WITH a narrative campaign. So this whole bullshit narrative of stating some shit like "is NOW a multiplayer" the fuck they get that anything changed? Where did it ever say it was a single player game FIRST to then fucking say "NOW" as if a change occurred.

So this is what I'm talking about with the state of journalism (or lack thereof) in gaming. The person who wrote the article is so fucking dumb, they couldn't even just google what that game was before telling us "now" its suddenly something else, how can you even know what it is "now" if you didn't even look up what the fuck it was before? So if they didn't do that, no wonder they are out here saying shit like "now" as if this is news, maybe they are that dumb and its REALLY news to them lol
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