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Ubitus and Capcom team up to bring Cloud Resident Evil games to Switch, project to launch by end of 2022. (RE7, RE2, RE3, and Winters expansion)

Cloud gaming technology firm Ubitus has announced a partnership with Capcom that will integrate several Resident Evil titles into Nintendo Switch with cloud support. In the announcement, the company stated that the project is set to launch by the end of 2022.

The games in question are Resident Evil 2 Cloud, Resident Evil 3 Cloud, Resident Evil 7 Cloud, and Winters’ Expansion, which is a DLC for Resident Evil Village Cloud. Ubitus promotes its patented technologies as a “Quick way of converting games on PC or console to the cloud with little modification to features and gameplay.”

This should come as good news to Nintendo Switch owners, as recent titles from the Resident Evil franchise (original or remake) have received a very high level of praise from critics and gamers alike. The latest entry in the series, Resident Evil Village, has received 95% positive reviews from over 56,000 users on Steam.

Ubitus assured fans and stated that they can expect the same convenience as the PC or console versions of the game,
so it’s safe to assume that the cloud version should bear no striking difference.

I'm not aware of the quality of Ubitus cloud software, and whether there is any latency or other issues involved. But it seems to be good enough at this point for Capcom to form a partnership with them. I remember people complaining about issues with the service awhile back, perhaps those issues have now been fixed.

Fans of Resident Evil on Switch may be getting a good end of the year treat if this works out.
I don't like RE8 very much. It felt like Capcom had to revisit RE4 again to kill two birds with one stone. Make a RE4 type game to serve as a sequel, as well get fans in the mood for the official remake coming down the road. But it didn't feel like the old RE games. Not by any means.

RE7 was an enjoyable enough experience, but it felt like its own game as well. And I think even RE6 was more of a RE style game than 7, despite how hated it is. You should typically be able to play a game and notice things that are familiar to the very series it's intended to be connected to. Yet 6 had that to a degree, but not 7. Although, yes. 7 is better than 6 is by miles, in general.

Now the remakes, I don't care much for either. Although if I was made to choose between 2 and 3, I would say 2, even if there is a lot of cut content and things they stupidly had to repeat between both scenarios.

Makes no real sense though, as Leon and Claire aren't supposed to battle the same mutated William Birkin in the same areas, and whatnot. In the original for example, you see one character on a large monitor when they announce the self-destruct system is underway, as they were both elsewhere doing something unrelated in the plot. So both characters shouldn't see Annette dying in the lab. It made zero sense to do it like this.


I tried the demo of Forbidden City in Switch because it's cloud version, and the input lag and video compression made it unplayable for me. Capcom cloud platform is it better?


Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
I tried the demo of Forbidden City in Switch because it's cloud version, and the input lag and video compression made it unplayable for me. Capcom cloud platform is it better?

Depends on where their data centers are. I would say its odds on more likely to be just as bad.
It's kind of a pity we never got that Outrage game with Rebecca Chambers. It was supposed to be released on the Switch, but I haven't heard anything about it for months.

I think it was meant to be Revelations 3, which means it was basically going to be part of a side series. Although they are more in line with the older main games like 5 and 6, as the gameplay is similar.
It's unbelievable that Capcom hasn't made another Outbreak style game. They could reuse a shit ton of already made areas and already made assets in a multiplayer survival horror experience w/randomizer. Even though I don't prefer it, they can throw in dailies and weeklies to unlock Barry, Rebecca, Billy, Sheva, Jill, Chris, Leon, Ashley, etc etc as characters, and also have added rewards for different costumes, weapons, so on and so forth.

I'm shocked, not because a big corporation doesn't give a shit about two games they made for the PS2 that they probably forgot they even made and the entire team that made it are probably gone. I'm shocked because of how easy it would be and how much money it would make for them.

Meeting would be like: Think Left 4 Dead w/randomizer, but slower and more open areas with puzzles and co-op objectives to complete using all this shit we already made.


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Please Nintendo release a better hardware, remember back then when GameCube is more powerful than Playstation 2? I missed that Nintendo, I mean good game play and good graphic fidelity does not have to be mutually exclusive
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There was a RE8 cloud gaming demo a few month ago. Someone posted about it in this very forum. I tried it and it worked, it was definitely playable. So if these ports use the same technology, I think that this is a win for switch-only bros.
More cloud games for the Switch?

You guys are hoping that Crapcom's personnel makes a great online RE game, but the lazy buggers are just not capable of doing that.

The funny thing is, that when Outbreak was so well received back in the day, online gaming had yet to really branch out. The PS2 server was eventually closed, but the devoted fans found a way to keep it going, albeit not having this method officially approved by Capcom themselves. Yet here we are in the PS5 era where PS5 games are on the darn PS4 half of the time anyway, and the best they can give us is dull online games that are free alongside their half-assed remakes, so like, why am I moaning right? But what I'm getting at is that all these pretty graphics and vampiric hos with big jugs has apparently gone to their heads, so expecting a good, long, story driven online game with friends is null and void.

Not to mention, RE simply barely feels like RE anymore. Their RE Engine makes most of the main characters look like crap you stood on several times there, on the sidewalk. The plot as well? What goddamn plot? It's like Papa Jupiter meets Dracula's Daughter, meets Gardener's World, meets Ringu. LMAO. Capcom just doesn't have a Scooby snack as to what they're even doing anymore. But at least the old PS1 and GameCube games will always be the best entries. As well as even RE4.

At least IMO. But typos? Now they're evil. ;)
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