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Ugh, why is it impossible to find a small TV/Monitor with decent specs for consoles? (ie HDMI forum VRR / 4K 120Hz)


So can it do hdmi forum VRR?
Find that TFT central review that was posted above. That site is more thorough than you could ever want. If there is any info about it. It's in their review.

I don't know how the VRR works with their non-hardware solution. I know it's not as robust. Look up "g-sync compatible" and that might tell you. It uses the VESA standard which I know nothing about.
Exact same for me (except I got a floor stand instead of a bigger desk).

It was my last resort after being totally frustrated and disappointed at the lack of high end 32-43” displays. Although TBH now that I’m used to the size I don’t want to go back.
Same, I am used to the 48"size and happy with it. I rarely use the full screen for productivity. I use Fanzy Zones which is an app built into powertoys for windows and it works very well for me. I typically use it like this guy.


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Finally broke down and bought the 48 inch LG C1

Looks insane!! I’m already used to the size.
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Finally broke down and bought the 48 inch LG C1

Looks insane!! I’m already used to the size.
Aaaaaaaand, it's gone. I can't do TVs. I'm a monitor guy through and through. Also, I didn't wanna have to worry about varying the content to prevent burn in and remembering to close the blinds so the sun doesn't hit it. There's too much maintenance for OLED screens. It totally ruined my experience with it. Plus, the screen is way too reflective. I don't wanna see my sad face every time the screen goes black.
I played my ps5 on 27" 4k monitor. While the picture is great, I feel like ps5 games look even better on a proper tv.
I do however think switch is best on a monitor.
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