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[UK] Roy 'Chubby' Brown standup routine cancelled by Sheffield council


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Source: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-58463658

Text of statement
Here are my thoughts on being banned from Sheffield City Hall:

Hi all, you may have heard by now that the Sheffield city trust/council have banned me from appearing at the City Hall Sheffield in January 2022 due to the nature of my show, so I just wanted to put my view on the record …

At first I had a sense of anger and disbelief, but on reflection I now feel just disappointment and sadness with the decision and the way things are going generally.

I have been performing at the City Hall annually for the last 30+ years and have always had great nights there and a wonderful working relationship with the management and staff at the City Hall, and my fans have always come along and supported me in their thousands through the years.

Now in these strange times of snowflakes and political correctness it has been decided that I am no longer welcome.

Why Now! is my question, WHY NOW! is my show unsuitable after 30 years at the City Hall?? Nothing has changed, the show is performed behind closed doors, and it clearly states on all advertising that IF EASILY OFFENDED! PLEASE STAY AWAY!We don’t allow children in! It is strictly 18+ and people who come to the show know exactly what they are coming for…. A GOOD LAUGH!

it’s an act with one sole purpose, and that is to put a smile on people’s faces, certainly not to offend, which I’m sure all will agree is much needed in these present times. I understand the content of my show isn’t to everyone’s taste, and hand on heart I totally respect that, so as the posters and advertising clearly states..IF EASILY OFFENDED, PLEASE STAY AWAY! That quite simply means don’t buy a ticket to see me if the show is not for you! It’s not difficult!

I dont buy tickets for things which aren’t my cup of tea, but I certainly don’t demonstrate to get them cancelled, and spoil things for people who do want to see it! You have a choice!! But the show obviously does appeal to thousands of people or I wouldn’t have had to put pen to paper to write this.. as Chubby Brown wouldn’t exsist if no one came to see him, and I’ve been going for 50 years …..??!!!

I have seen the countless messages of support already on social media, and I realise you have the same bemusement over the decision as I have! which I can’t thank you enough for, I’ve even got people commenting that my show is not for them (which again I totally respect) but it’s 100% wrong to cancel the show for people who do want to attend.
For the people in trusts /councils who make these decisions, all I can say is that you were voted into your positions by your local communities to act on the people’s behalf and with their best interests at heart, not to use your position to force your own private views/opinions and decide what people can and can’t do or can and can’t watch, surely that is for the people to decide that voted you in ???

Let all shows go ahead, and if people don’t buy tickets the shows won’t happen, but at least the people have decided, would that not make more sense ??
I won’t name call or get involved in politics, but it amazes me how I’m not allowed to perform behind closed doors in certain areas, to an audience who want to see me , but there are a lot of very similar things widely available on television/social media publicly and most importantly to children , which I would think are very offensive to certain people/ communities, would the efforts of the councils/snowflakes/ censorship committees not be better used by looking into this than stopping my show which doesn’t offend anyone, I would confidently suggest that 90% of people who complain about my show have never even seen it, so how can they possibly comment or have an opinion ??

I will let you make your own minds up about that, but I don’t feel it’s rocket science to work out !!!

Finally the bigger picture here is, have the people who make these decisions actually thought of all the council staff losing work at the venue/venues and the affect on their livelihoods, if shows are cancelled for unjustified/personal reasons, it’s wrong at anytime but especially now as we’re just coming out of a pandemic and most people in our industry have not been able to work for 18months or more, have they thought about the 12 staff I have on my show and feel responsible for and their livelihoods and looking after their families, paying their mortgages/bills etc, have they thought about all the Chubby fans in their constituency’s who want to see the show but can’t because one person or a commitee disagree with it, I thought we lived in a country of freedom of speech/opinion, I certainly didn’t vote representatives in to make personal decisions/choices for me, again I stress to councils/governing committees.. you are in a position to act on behalf of the community not yourselves!

The word dictatorship springs to mind, would anyone agree ????? Hopefully common sense prevails, all I want to do is perform for the people who want to see me and make them laugh, that option shouldn’t be taken away by an individuals opinion! which disappoints thousands of people. I’m Sorry, it’s not like me to be serious.. but this is Royston Vasey speaking, I’m not ranting and raving, but talking from the heart and hope you’ll agree talking basic common sense and fact! Keep smiling and more importantly laughing, and hopefully at a night with me soon

Love Roy (THE COMEDIAN!!!)

If you haven't seen him or heard of him, here's a sample of the kind of stuff he does



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Thought this fat bastard died a long time ago? Must be thinking about Bernard Manning. Anyway, never liked the racist cunt and his bullshit stories. Supposedly he told his girlfriend's father that she was sucking him, I'm doubtful he would have seen the light of day again.
He's not my cup of tea either, to me he appeals to sort of fat Northern English Twats (no offense to the rest of you northern Englishmen) that voted the rest of us out the EU, he's and old school racist comic that hasn't change a bit, but would I cancel him? Would I fuck, I'd sooner slap the cunts that would propose canceling him than the the people that go see his shows, but I can understand where the council is coming from... And lol I thought he was long dead
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It's Sheffield, ran by the greens so ofc Chubby Brown isn't their cup of tea they probably dispise that type of English humor.

Let him and his crowd be.


Not a fan either but we're on a very slippery slope with cancelling stuff. We've known racism is wrong for a long time now, along with many other things such as slavery, making fun of the disabled etc etc, but why is it that this "cancel culture" has started? I have to point the finger at the "new adults", those born at the turn of the millennium, because before they had a voice, we just got on with life and didn't feel the need to be offended by everything.

But why those born at the turn of the millennium, what did they have that previous generations didn't? .... Social media.
I'd allow him to perform, even if he is as funny as toothache.

Just to see Gen-Z's crying in anguish.

Maybe they could make it a mission you have to assassinate him in the new Saints Row.

B D Joe

I always assumed he had retired as his isn't a name you hear much anymore.

I'll happily admit I found some of his jokes laugh at loud watching them on vhs as a teenager. Can't remember any racist jokes just a lot of ones aimed at himself being fat, and daft songs about dolly partons tits and back scuttles (still not 100% what that was lol) . Obviously I was unaware at the time that this would make me a future knuckle dragging gammon... Seriously though imagine using those slurs unironically, get a grip!

If thousands of people still want to support him by buying tickets to see him live, and he isn't breaking any laws then it's just pathetic cancelling his show because you don't like his humour. It's a sad road we're going down just to appease a crazy minority.

Maybe he should add jokes about killing white people into his routine, the BBC would have him on prime time then !


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Funny he use to be a clean act but that got him nowhere
so he found fame by being as offensive as he could be.
The guy ain't really like the persona he puts on but people actually believe he is.
Funny now they wanna cancel him.


Really do not get the hostility of some of you. The guy has been quietly doing his thing in clubs and theatres forever. Its not like he's ever been a TV personality or especially publicly visible. You literally had/have to go out your way to be exposed to his act.

I worked in a cinema when his movie came out, I didn't know who he was but some of the summer staff I.E women student types absolutely lost their shit if they were scheduled to usher that film. So management didn't make them, but now I really wanted to see it if those women were flipping out about it. Dis gon be good!

Of course it was very blue, I thought it was quite funny but I could absolutely understand why some people didn't want to be exposed to it. There's other stand ups I'd rather watch and I've never seen any of his other shows but I'm not going to pay to see him or rent/buy his stuff over better comedians.


I remember a mate playing me a tape of his, I'd never heard of him. Before pubescence kicked in and thinking WTF?

Was like a dirty tape someone passed him. Dude was a pussy so probably dumped it.

Then I heard Derek and Clive years later. Made sense then.

Blocking him from performing is a real scummy move. I'd say surely he saw that coming though he's been going for so long, didn't even know he was still doing it.

Used to be massive gig posters for him when I was growing up.
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This guy lives within a 30 minute drive from my house and honestly have never ever seen him around town - he's like a hermit.

Never personally seen any of his work but I hear he is a racist POS in real life, so hard pass. Characterized comedy is one thing, but if it reflects or projects shit like that form your real personality.. nah.


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That pic is totally photoshopped, floor is way too clean. usually piss, shit & vomit all over. Litter strewn all over the place and groups of drunk slags staggering everywhere or drugged up chavs trying to rob people.

The only thing that would look good on blackpool would be an atomic bomb, the place is a total shithole.
Live there do you? No? well fuck off back to whatever shithole rock you climbed out from under you cunt.

I've lived in Blackpool for over 40 years and I find your comments both ill-informed and highly offensive.
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That pic is totally photoshopped, floor is way too clean. usually piss, shit & vomit all over. Litter strewn all over the place and groups of drunk slags staggering everywhere or drugged up chavs trying to rob people.

The only thing that would look good on blackpool would be an atomic bomb, the place is a total shithole.

Clearly you've never been to Blackpool, because that picture you're referring to isn't from Blackpool. It's of the pier in Great Yarmouth, which is a 5 hour drive from Blackpool.


Some of you soft people would have been first in line to cancel George Carlin if you had been born early enough.

It's a mirror image of 90's Evangelicals, Maude Flanders in danger hair.

Agree with the sentiment, but comparing George Carlin to Roy Chubby Brown though, dude. It’s like comparing the finest wine to liquidised rat spunk 🤣

B D Joe

For a site of supposed hard-core gamers, the vitriol aimed at Blackpool by some people is baffling.

It's been the home of some of the best arcades in the country for decades.


For a site of supposed hard-core gamers, the vitriol aimed at Blackpool by some people is baffling.

It's been the home of some of the best arcades in the country for decades.
It's love-vitriol, it is a bit of a trash town that's stuck in the past but it's also pretty much a place that anyone growing up in England remembers and going to.

Banging donuts though, whenever driving through I always try and pick up those heart attack enhancers.


I’m not really a fan of comics that only do crude humor, but it’s a shame he got canceled. Not surprised it happened in the UK though, just wait a while until he posts a bit online and goes to jail
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