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V Rising Update Adds the Much-Requested Ability to Schedule Server Wipes and More

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V Rising Update Adds the Much-Requested Ability to Schedule Server Wipes and More​

The popular vampire survival game V Rising has dropped its biggest update since launching in Early Access earlier this year. The big new addition is the much-requested ability to schedule and perform wipes on player-managed servers. Servers that have a wipe pending will be listed with a special icon, and a display will show how many days are left, so you’ll know what you’re getting into. The update also includes some key bug fixes and changes that should make joining servers easier. You can check out the full notes for update 0.5.42553, below.

New Features
New servers can now be hosted with repeated scheduled wipes.

  • Servers with Scheduled Wipes will show a unique icon in the server list.
  • Added a filter to show only servers with Scheduled Wipes.
  • Server with Scheduled Wipes will display the number of days remaining until the next planned wipe.
  • Once the date for the wipe arrives, the next Server Restart will trigger a wipe.
  • Instructions on how to use this feature will be included in our Dedicated Server documentation and on G-Portal’s website.
  • We will open new Official servers with this feature in the near future.
  • Please note that Scheduled Wipes is an optional feature and will only be possible in new servers created after today’s patch.
New Settings
Added new ServerHostSettings for lowering FPS on servers when they are empty:

  • LowerFPSWhenEmpty
  • LowerFPSWhenEmptyValue
  • The default is true and with a value of 1.
  • Official PvP Presets now uses 1.25 BloodDrainModifier instead of 1.0
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where clouds would get blurrier and start to lag over time.
  • DLCs now work in LAN Mode.
  • Fixed a rare server crash involving Directional Shields and Counters.
  • Fixed an issue where crashing servers would leave a growing amount of temporary data in the save folders. Such temporary data will be cleaned up with this patch.
  • The initial Server List request now prioritizes servers with players increasing server fetch speed.
  • Replaced “Activity” with “Territory” in the server list view.
  • Localization has been added for Spanish - Latin America, Danish, Thai, and Ukrainian.
  • Replaced “Days Played” with “Days Running” in the Server Details.
  • “Days Played” previously displayed the number of in-game days since server start, “Days Running” will now instead display the number of real-time days since server start.
V Rising can be played via Steam Early Access. The latest update is available now.

Source: WCCFTech


Biggest update. Doesn't add any content.

I thought V Rising was great but there needs to be more content. Hopefully all that money they made doesn't stop them from their ambitions.


Server wipes? Is that for the main game or just custom servers?
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This game is really fun. It'll be interesting to see if server wipes make people come back to it regularly like with Rust.


I never managed to kill the final boss, I tried twice then ran out of 100% blood and holy res pots then spent 2 hours trying to get the fish to feed my blood bag to get more blood but couldn't get a single fish that would restore moral then just never really went back. I was starting to get really sick of the reliance of adds to make the majority of fights harder though.
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