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Vaibhavpisal has an unhealthy obsession with middle aged CEO

Do I love Phil

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Before you write it off, lemme make a case. Perhaps he is more focused on other, more important stuff that cannot be directly used as ammunition in console wars. He made a lot of moves that will benefit entire gaming fraternity for years to come.

Xbox players:

They already know. All of his initiatives from long term backwards compatibility commitment to studio acquisitions to compelling offering from gamepass, everything is rosy and in good shape. Xbox (and PC) is one platform where I feel confidence in building a long term digital library, that I can take to next systems, whenever they launch.

PC players:

They also have benefited from this new leadership. Not only do they get a compelling offering in gamepass, all xbox games also drop day 1 on PC, that too on steam. Before he was in charge, releases used to be sporadic. This consistency means you can invest in PC platform knowing their games will always be available.

PlayStation Players:

They felt effects of his policies directly just this month. When PS+ service offered, what is inarguably their best month in terms of adding content to the service. PS+ Extra/Premium offers
Horizon FW
Borderlands 3
Outriders .... among others
All heavy hitters, offered in a single month. Offering has uncanny resemblance to how Gamepass offers contents in a month. Bountiful. This is obviously in direct response/competition to gamepass. Again, his initiative.

Nintendo players:

What is biggest issue plaguing Nintendo players? Power of their hardware. While low power isn't exactly an issue per se, Series S is exceptional system, Nintendo hardware does cross a line. To a point, Dev's have to compromise their vision for games to work on the system as shown in Bayonetta 3.

Enter Lord Phil and his 10 years deal to put Call of Duty on the system. While Nintendo is fairly self sufficient when it comes to providing software for the system, even they cannot resist allure of IP like that. Which means they cannot skimp as heavily on system specs, if they want a good enough version of the game running on their system. Nintendo players will benefit immeasurably by this.

So I think overall his impact on industry is gonna be long lasting and will benefit players across all platforms. Might be a good idea to stop clowning him and show some respect.


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I appreciate what Phil has done. Savior of gaming though? Why when people post it's always gotta be at the extremes. Like he's fallible like every other gaming exec.

Same thing that goes for those who think he just lies all the time. You folks need to grow a brain and think for yourselves for once in your tribe infested lives.


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Avoiding cringe-worthy topic titles would help your case. You bring interesting points but with that intro nobody will take it seriously.
As time has gone on I’ve become increasingly negative towards him. He’s had a lot of influence over Xbox, particularly their game studios, for a very very long time yet their 1st party management is very poor and their IP development is seriously lacking.

They’ve essentially resorted to buying their way out of the problem, which isn’t how I personally prefer growth. GamePass is good value for gamers but I do await the rug pull at some point.

In terms of PR it’s clear he is well trained but it’s obvious he speaks out of both sides of his mouth. On many occasions it would have been better for him to keep quiet.

I’d much prefer him to quietly go about his job now rather than be part of the PR. Bring new voices in as the old guard at Xbox are very tiresome.

PlayStation also needs some fresh young blood as their mouthpieces. Adam Boyes was a breath of fresh air but since Jimbo became head their PR hasn’t been good. Herman is fine, but outside of that it’s been quite lacklustre


Is thay you Phil? Not sure Nadella reads gaf so probs not the place to convince him not to move you on.


Sorry mate, but Phil is a big nobody in the PC gaming. Oh yes, he is making people who work at Microsoft to clap for him when he's on stage... brilliant!
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Your expectations have been lowered to the point of no return OP. I’m happy you’re happy though :messenger_fistbump:


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At this point I think it's fair to speculate that Phil is actually a double-agent planted by Sony.
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What exactly is impressive about going to your boss and using their money (ie. NOT money you have earned in the console business) to pay for massive acquisitions (if ABK goes through, totalling nearly the entire market cap of Sony) and paying for games for your sub service, whilst simultaneously hiding all figures regarding sales and profitability, all while embracing the 'I'm one of you!' persona?


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Phil was on that same stage with Don Mattrick in 2013. Had there been no backlash then he and Don would have been pumping their shit down your throat. He’s not a saviour. He’s a snake that got to save face. He’s been blowing smoke up asses ever since.

Never forget him standing there nonchalantly on stage at E3 with one hand in his pocket saying how an always-online DRM-ridden Xbox One is what's best for gamers.

Sure Xbox course-corrected in a dramatic way, but only because they had literally no other choice. Their motivations were nefarious.


I cry about SonyGaf from my chair in Redmond, WA
I believe Spencer has made xbox better, but I don't feel the need to ride him like OP does.
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He's the savior of his ass, if you will. In ten years he has done everything but software, now that we will see full-blown results, he will be retired.
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Here, fixed this for you

Before you write it off, lemme make a case. Perhaps he is more focused on other, more important stuff that cannot be directly used as ammunition in console wars. He made a lot of moves that will benefit entire gaming fraternity for years to come.

Xbox players:
He somehow was able to convince his users that it doesn't matter to OWN a game, as long as it's in a subscription service for which you need to pay as when you stop, those games are no longer available. Game sales doesn't matter. Console sales doesn't matter. Subscription numbers also doesn't matter. What matter is hours spent in games, which means xbox gamers will be thrilled to expect more GaaS games. 5 years from now, they still have to pay a small (albeit higher than now) fee as not a single producer will give a rats ass to release a disc game for xbox as the physical games are non-existent on this platform
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