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Valve bans all blockchain games, EGS is open to working with developers who follow rules


You think some people are crazy Star Citizen cultists, you ain't seen nothing until you disagree with the NFT/Crypto evangelists.
NFT market is a mess and I completely get Valve. If you actually follow it.....those collection of 100 characters etc, AI generated. As long as you are not a top dog and famous, you can release the same shit for the same money and claim its the only original. Theres barely any control, selling videos, tweets, photos, AI creations...Therefore everyone is jumping aboard. The actual portals that host this couldnt care less because A: they get your money for uploading the photo (gas money) and then they get commission fo the sale as well. Its the buyer that will have to deal with you if you scammed them.
Blockchain uses a ton of electricity, is bad for the environment and hurts PC gamers trying to buy graphic cards. Not surprising at all a PC centric company like valve wouldn't support it.
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