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Variety: Warner Bros. Plans Wonder Woman Oscar Campaign for Director, Best Picture



"SFX are noteworthy"
Wonder Woman fights a cgi man with a mustache at the end. Star Wars will blow this film out the water with effects and will probably feature better actors and actresses.
That looks cool as hell even in bootleg quality.

Mustache really did a number on the whole thing though.


Get Out was so weird but so smart in it's weirdness. Not a moment was wasted in that movie, and the subtext in the writing was impressive as hell. Definitely a unique movie in that respect. I'd like to see it get nom'd, but seeing it win might be a stretch. Most Oscar contenders come out at the end of the year so it might be entirely looked over for coming out so early.

I think Wonder Woman and Logan are good movies. But, I think it's mostly by nature of breaking away from some over-established norms that have taken over the superhero genre that people are even considering them worthy of an Oscar nom, which I'm not sure I agree with being good enough reasons.


I really liked WW especially the characters but I dont think it deserves a nom for either category. Especially since we are still months away from oscar bait season.
Every year, there's a critically acclaimed summer blockbuster that gets pushed by the producers for Oscar consideration... why are people surprised at this?
Ah would you ever fuck off.

Sure compared to suicide squad it's the best film ever made, but not every film that's ever been made is suicide squad.


I just can't see this happening.

If it didn't have to adhere to so many origin film millstones it might have gotten within a stone's throw. Wishing them the best with film #2.

I admire the ambition behind this push though.
Nomination chances:

Best Picture (Low Chance)
Best Director (Low Chance)
Best Cinematography (Low Chance)
Best Costume Design (High Chance)
Best Film Editing (Low Chance)
Best Makeup and Hairstyling (Medium Chance)
Best Original Score (Low Chance, but I'd give the kick ass theme an Oscar any day)
Best Original Song (Medium Chance)
Best Production Design (Medium Chance)
Best Sound Editing (High Chance)
Best Sound Mixing (High Chance)
Best Visual Effects (Medium Chance, tough year, looks of good looking film this summer alone)

I think Logan has a bigger shot at Best Picture if I'm perfectly honest.
Must be fun on the production side. I've seen some of the kits that studios send for award consideration. It's some very nice stuff. I wonder if any of it will leak out?
No superhero movie will get any major nods at the Oscars this year.

And Dunkirk will assuredly be nominated for Best Picture, Best Director in addition to a ton of technical noms.


Not even close to best picture, but best direction, I think it's up there. Those action scenes are incredible, I have no idea how they did it.


Calm down WB. You did good, you made a good DCEU film, now let's not overplay your hand.

What exactly is the problem with "overplaying their hand"? I don't have much of an opinion either way about this. It's not going to affect any of us in any way. Let them reach for the stars


Come on now WB, I think WW is a really good movie, but if you couldn't get bp and bd noms for TDK, you're not going to get them for WW.


Of course, the chances are very slim considering that she'd be the first to do it. She could potentially get a nomination if she's lucky. Chris Nolan did for Inception, meaning he did not even get one for The Dark Knight.

There's a snowball's chance in hell that she'll win.

Good luck to them, though. Breaking cycles is what we need.


I mean, I grade super hero films on a curve relative to each other and I still feel like WW is a C+ movie, B- when it's at its best.

It absolutely doesn't deserve a Best Picture nom and Patty does not deserve a Best Director nom, she made an action movie where the action scenes are easily the worst part.
I mean, I grade super hero films on a curve relative to each other and I still feel like WW is a C+ movie, B- when it's at its best.

It absolutely doesn't deserve a Best Picture nom and Patty does not deserve a Best Director nom, she made an action movie where the action scenes are easily the worst part.

More like she made a romcom hero movie where the romcom and hero parts are among the best in the genre and the rest is middling at best.

Gadot-Pine chemistry and No Man's Land were off the hook.


In no way whatsoever is this even close to a best picture nominee lol. The oscar race gets more ridiculous year in year out.


If the dark knight didnt't get an oscar nomination for director/picture, dont see how this will.

TDK was the best chance for a comic book film to get a major nom. It actually got 8 (the most i think for a comic book film), but not the big two. Instead the academy nominated ron fucking howard for the most pedestrian and oscar baity film that no one remembers (frost/nixon).


It has next to zero chance. That said far worse directors/films have had campaigns in the past.

No reason not to give Jenkins and the film some additional coverage: WB clearly want to maximise visibility and goodwill of the strong critical and commercial performance of the film.
Probably wouldn't have been WALL-E. It's one of the best sci-fi films in the last couple of decades, but there's a separate category for animated films. Happened after some people lost their minds when Beauty & the Beast was nominated for Best Picture.

Actually both Up & Toy Story 3 got best picture noms the following year, so Wall-E was definitely part of the reason for the expansion the following year.
It is interesting to watch the phenomenon.

Step 1: Films is underdog. GAF supports it and hopes it is good.
Step 2: Film turns out to be good. GAF cheers and celebrates.
Step 3: Huge box office hit. GAF jeers at films it beats.

Step 4: GAF realizes it is popular now and that offends their hipster tendencies.
Step 5: Film is now overrated and X, Y, and X indie film is sooo much better.
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