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[VG Tech] Dead Space PS5 vs Xbox Series X|S Frame Rate Comparison


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This game is presumably 1296p, so Plague Tale still boasts 23% more pixels in general and looks significantly better. You're right that it doesn't have RTAO but it's not like it helps Dead Space a lot.

I just think it looks kind of mid-tier for a game that runs at a mere 1296p with only one minor RT effect. I was certainly expecting better from a current-gen only game.
Especially one forced to run at such low internal resolutions. But again, 2.5 years to build and ship. I bet much more could have been squeezed out in a normal 4 year cycle.
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It's nothing new but i really appreciate how Vgtech provides the pixel counted frames, for people to double check. He is certainly very accurate and reliable.


I think quite a bit of users having both consoles already bought the XSX version after the 'biggest channel's eager recommendations about the matter. Be it the video or John's incessant twits. There we are, the versions are virtually identical.
In the video he clearly states that the consoles were getting a patch and if you can't wait for a patch then the Xbox version was the way to go.

At the time of the video this was absolutely the case and he made sure to warn people about the patch.
People caring more about numbers than how the game looks. If those guys didn't mention stats nobody would notice the resolution went that low because the game looks amazing.

Reconstruction is the present/future.
Exactly. Just use your eyes. I mean, it's cool to see the numbers and how well scaling tech as become... but there are those who use these numbers... for evil LOL We've all seen it. One of these consoles could have displayed dips to 58/59fps and I can guarantee there would have been some chirping "Console A can't even hold 60fps..."

I think the past two generations of consoles have seen a big up-tick in some gamers playing specs and not games. It almost seems like they look at the game and go "this looks good, but the numbers are telling me that this doesn't... okay, this doesn't look good"
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