[Vg Tech] Rollerdrome PS5 and PS4/Pro Frame Rate Test


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The version tested was 1.02 on the PS4 consoles and 1.002.000 on PS5.

00:00 - PS5
10:01 - PS4 Pro
20:02 - PS4

PS5 can run the game in a 60fps mode and a 120fps mode. To run the game in the 120fps mode, start the game with the PS5 connected to a 120hz screen and with 120hz enabled in the PS5 Screen and Video settings. PS5 renders the game at 3840x2160 in both the 60fps and the 120fps mode. The PS5 footage here is only from the 120fps mode and was captured at 1080p due to capture card limitations.

PS4 Pro renders at a native resolution of 3840x2160

PS4 renders at a native resolution of 1920x1080

PS5 has improved shadow quality and improved LOD transition distance compared to PS4 Pro https://bit.ly/3PE4lpj

PlatformsPS5PS4 ProPS4
Frame Amounts
Game Frames711623589835394
Video Frames720003602136002
Frame Tearing Statistics
Total Torn Frames000
Lowest Torn Line---
Frame Height108021601080
Frame Time Statistics
Mean Frame Time8.43ms16.72ms16.95ms
Median Frame Time8.33ms16.67ms16.67ms
Maximum Frame Time16.67ms33.33ms33.33ms
Minimum Frame Time8.33ms16.67ms16.67ms
95th Percentile Frame Time8.33ms16.67ms16.67ms
99th Percentile Frame Time16.67ms16.67ms33.33ms
Frame Rate Statistics
Mean Frame Rate118.61fps59.79fps58.99fps
Median Frame Rate120fps60fps60fps
Maximum Frame Rate120fps60fps60fps
Minimum Frame Rate100fps50fps45fps
5th Percentile Frame Rate111fps59fps53fps
1st Percentile Frame Rate105fps53fps48fps
Frame Time Counts
8.33ms70324 (98.82%)0 (0%)0 (0%)
16.67ms838 (1.18%)35775 (99.66%)34786 (98.28%)
33.33ms0 (0%)123 (0.34%)608 (1.72%)
Dropped Frames000
Runt Frames000
Runt Frame Thresholds20 rows20 rows20 rows
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