VGC: Bandai Namco knew of the Souls RCE exploit for years and wouldn’t fix it, Elden Ring likely affected


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Bandai Namco has been aware of severe security flaws within its Dark Soulsgames for years but has failed to address them, despite numerous emails and hundreds of support tickets, it’s been alleged.

Another member of the Dark Souls community told VGC they made the games’ publisher aware of a second, yet to be made public RCE as far back as in 2020 and that it remains unfixed.

The person who discovered the latest RCE alleges that there are serious issues with all of the Souls games’ shared network infrastructure and said they believe it’s “inevitable” that Elden Ring will feature many of the same exploits, which will “probably be ported without issues and used on release by malicious cheaters.”

They even told them HOW to fix the bug, but were ignored.

They also claimed that while they can’t go into specifics as to avoid giving away the exploit details, the latest RCE could be used against console players without the attacker needing a jailbroken console.
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