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Video Game Esoterica - Martian Gothic : Unification | Survival Horror on Mars on PS1


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Martian Gothic is a very unique survival horror video game. It's one part Resident Evil and one part Resident Evil Zero...but it's wholly unique in it's own right. It's one of those retro gaming experiences that you need to play to understand! But it's definitely a PS1 era survival horror hidden gem!

Did you ever wonder what Resident Evil would be like if it has MORE puzzles and LESS combat? Well if so....here it is! Martian Gothic is very similar to Resident Evil Zero with the swappable playable characters except here it's done even better! It's classic survival horror gaming with a deep puzzle game element to it! Either way it's legit awesome and super obscure. Retrogaming win!
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