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Virtua Fighter Retrospective with Sarah/Jacky Bryant!


In the lead up to the next major release in the VF series Sega of America have put together these Virtua Fighter retrospectives, obviously it being a Sega video they won't talk about how even the Sega Saturn couldn't pull off a arcade perfect port, and in some respects the 32x version looked better! Anyway here they are:

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But the initial VF port on Saturn was 100% out of time constraints; the 32X version did look better but it's not because Saturn "couldn't" pull it off. Besides they blew both versions out of the water with VF Remix a couple months later which looked even better (more modern for the time) than the arcade original thanks to the presence of textures.

All this virtual fighter coverage almost makes me feel like they're planning to do another game after ultimate showdown.

Seems like a given and it's about damn time; I'm gonna buy Ultimate Showdown sometime in June regardless, but the fact it's free in PS+ and IIRC even PS Now seems to indicate it's more a move to get the brand and IP out there in people's attention for a new fully-featured entry into the series.

Basically it's a sort of marketing tactic and makes sense. I am curious if Sony are perhaps fronting the bill for a VF6 however; it would definitely help and they seem wanting to corner the fighting game market outside of Smash. They already go an installment from one pioneering fighting IP on their last system, might as well fund something similar for another pioneering fighting game franchise and VF seems like a good fit.
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They're doing a good job narrating. And these voices are familliar.

I never realized Nina Williams from T4 onwards is Sarah Bryant also. Same goes for Paul Phoenix being Jacky. And he was Fuku San in Shenmue. And also Guizhang? Now that I hear him I can hear Fuku San, but it didn't occur to me that he voiced both Jacky and Fukuhara though they do indeed sound similar lol.
I remember dragging my little bro with me at toyrs r us (at least a 1h walkaway) to go play Virtua Fighter , those sweet polygons got me so excited for what was to come in the future of videogames , i din't even mind the disapearing poly's and i eventually got the sega Saturn for my Birthday, i loved it soo much
Same here. The animation and gameplay were so much better than Toshiden.
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