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I only watch the clips, they are pretty entertaining. Don't have the patience to watch an entire stream.


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I listen to some of Ashizawa Saki covers of japanese songs because I like her voice. She's a vtuber that plays videogames, but I don't have time to watch any long clips or any live streams of any kind.

I just checked it out a few days ago, as I learned about it from some of the FGO youtubers and it happened to coincide with Hololive English launching. So out of curiosity I watched what it was.

I thought it was surprisingly cute and wholesome, being quite the fun and surprisingly "non-toxic" stream. The girls they chose were quite capable as well, being very meme savy and able to play out their characters well. I think the concept is interesting, though it all really depends on the audience and the streamer.
Having a character isn't something new of course, as Dr. Disrespect has also taken advantage of. I guess having a less focus on their physical appearance IRL also may be really relaxing for some people as well.

I guess like with all streamers, it depends on the "vtuber". I might watch some of them now and then if I've got the time (Mori Calliope, the shark girl and the detective were fun enough to watch, though I've barely seen more than 1 or 2 streams), don't know about the staying power though. I do have to say that the chat was surprisingly much better than Twitch chat. I was honestly expecting tons of harassment and creepy behavior, at least considering it was the first stream, but most I catched my eye on when I watched was surprisingly, well, nice. Getting some chill streams compared to the yelling, the constant whining, the obvious cleavages, the drama, the incompetence or just flat out laziness at Twitch at times, well, it definitely seems like it has its use. Since you don't show your face, I imagine staying in character is much easier as well.


are there any good/funny English videos I should check out?

Most of the vids get English subtitles eventually as long it's a few months old or so you should be good. She took a huge break and just recently came back so anything before that should probably be subbed. Some of her stuff can be pretty hit or miss, the justin ebeiber thing being a pretty big miss that never goes away, so just try a couple and see how it goes.


Actually a big fan of some of them. Pekora (my current avatar), Sakura Miko, and Korone are my favorites. Their community is probably one of the more wholesome ones I've seen. The girls, for the most part, are playing a character but they're able to put more of themselves into the character. You see that they're not trying put on an act to get money out of you or alienate their audience for clout.
I'm kinda addicted to Gawr Gura Ch. hololive-EN and the whole crew thanks to the OP smh I don't watch the whole streams but I find the hype around them fascinating and the tech they are using, also the charming nature of each character they are representing

They are killing it with SuperChats as a creative person I can't hate how they are making money

Shark facts by Gawr Gura is the best

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Rodent Whores
anybody watch a lot of vtubers? who are the best ones?

just found Mori Calliope and am kind of blown away

What in the hell is this fucking shit?

OK that was good lol

I sometimes watch parts of their Streams but not the whole thing because they can be a few hours long, like one day Korone was playing Kirby 64 for 9 hours... But I do like these short subtitled clips that get released

This is much better! :messenger_tears_of_joy:


Yes, about five seconds of the video in the OP. Other than that, no. I've spent enough time watching anime and video game reactors. Don't need to add anything else.
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