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Warner Bros Approves Robert Pattinson For ‘The Batman’


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Here’s the latest from IGN as of 1 day ago.

Warner Bros. has confirmed that the studio is formally in negotiations with Robert Pattinson to star in The Batman. Varietyreported that Pattinson signed the deal, but a studio spokesperson told IGN that they're only in negotiations. Now The Hollywood Reporter claims that not only is Pattinson's deal done, it was actually made weeks ago.

Guess we should get more information this week.



There’s a high risk this new trilogy will be trash. But whatever looks like Warner Bros has to keep selling those Batman merchandising deals.
He can make it work.

Yeah, I think he's good for the role. I only saw him in The Rover but I genuinely thought he was a good actor and he certainly looks the part of Bruce Wayne. Especially for a Batman: Year One narrative.


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Solid choice.

So who's going to play the black guy. There is always one. Can't possible be the buttler needs higher up role. So the police inspector buddy?
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My Big D

although i hate the guy and anything Twilight related anything is better than Affleck
so its an improvement
I find the voice makes it hard to watch a great movie. I wish he would have just talked normal.

Even Telltale games found a better solution, with an useful voice distorting device in the mask
Very Darth Vader - ish, cool

Anyway, I admit I never saw Pattinson on screen yet, but I feel I can be 100% confident, for some reason I feel will be the best movie Batman ever
Fuck that voice change bullshit. Just do it like TAS.

TAS had it perfectly sorted. It was simply a matter of tone.

As Bruce, he's a lazy ass billionaire playboy. People think his mind is on material shit and women all the time. It shows in his voice.

Of course you know he's completely different as Batman. Obsessive, anxious, stoic. Just do that.
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