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Washington Post: For disabled gamers, ‘The Last of Us Part I’ remake is worth $70


It was probably 'worth it' for disabled gamers in 2013. There are lots of disabilities out there. I'm sure they're like the rest of us now saying 'what? 70 bucks? Get bent Naughty Dog'


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I don't see a valid argument anywhere in this pile of article, and I personally think that this is doing the opposite of arguing that the price is worth it for disabled gamers, in fact to me this looks like an insult to disabled gamers, and is trying to use their disabilities in order to justify the high price.
This is exactly what this is doing, it’s equally retarded - sorry, intellectually challenged - and shameless.

Take a hit to your bottom line, release it cheaper, advertise the shit out of accessibility options. No matter the engine used, a remake should not have the price of a new IP. The preproduction is done, assets are done, marketing spend is also lower.
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I keep making snide remarks about the dualsense restriction but to get more specifically on topic...

As someone with a MAJOR physical disability that I have been fighting against since I was born, I DETEST articles like this...

No doubt it was a lot of work to add these options, but writing articles justifying a $70 price tag JUST FOR THOSE options is INCREDIBLY shitty. It sends the message that we disabled folks can be milked and exploited out of our desire to play certain games we couldn't before. Absolutely shameful

The new options are great but that doesn't excuse the fact it's a pretty lazy remake otherwise.
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