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"We have been installing NVIDIA drivers WRONG!" - Chris Titus Tech / [Free up System process and services] [YOUTUBE]


Yr old video but also I didn’t know it was sending so much telemetry to Nvidia constantly. Not a fan of that. Might try this out
The thread made me look my drivers. Nvidia 1060 6gb driver 516.94! They are up to 528.24 I would like to know how many I skipped?


Never even installed geforce experience on my pc.

I just do some cleaning with ddu and then install the new one.


I installed it once to check out the recording features, but the resulting video was stuttery... rivatuner and bandicam did it better.


Nothing wrong with GeForce Experience. I use it to clip, record and see performance metrics all the time. Also nothing wrong with updating drivers through it. Pretty sure Nvidia knows how to deliver driver updates.

I checked TCPView anyway and don't have nearly as many Nvidia related items there as in the video. The few Nvidia processes running on my PC use pretty much no resources. It's a non-issue.
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