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Welcome to the NeoGAF 2.2 Update


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We are happy to announce that the new NeoGAF update is now live! There are several new features available, so let's go over them:

New posting box:
We've updated a few of the features of the posting box and how it looks and works in general.


1. You can choose your thread type here. You can either start a discussion (general thread) or a poll (thread with voting options). This is pretty similar to what we have now (adding a poll to a thread) but is just laid out a bit differently and will allow us to potentially provide some interesting new options in the future.
2. The icons and formatting options have been simplified. The most used features have been made more prominent and are more easily accessible. This new system will also better scale to user's screens. For example, on a smaller screen like a phone the posting box may look like this:

3. You can hit the three dots at the end of each menu section to see more options. The wider your screen is, the less icons will be pushed into this sub-menu.

4. The preview functionality will now show you a preview of your post directly inside the post box itself, saving room on the screen. You can toggle the preview on and off with the box that floats on the right hand side of the post box.

Latest threads:
You can now view the latest threads directly from the sidebar.

Clicking this will take you to a list of all the newest threads


Quick GIFs
Who doesn't love GIFs? Now you can search for and add GIFs directly into a posts - simply click the GIF button in the editor:


Once you find the perfect GIF, just click on it and it will be immediately inserted into your post.

* This GIF feature is subject to break when we first roll it out, we are working with Giphy to set the correct API limits based on usage.

Is this already being discussed?
You may notice when you're making a new thread that you'll see a box asking "Is this already being discussed?". This will search for similar threads with your title and give you links to them.


This should help prevent people from making new threads for news that's already being discussed.

Similar Threads
Do you get to the end of one thread and find yourself wanting to quickly join in on something similar? Did you open a thread and it wasn't exactly what you were looking for? Maybe you're just bored and want to surf through GAF threads like it's StumbleUpon in 2002? If so - have I got a feature for you!


Below the quick reply box in each thread, you'll see similar threads to consider. The above example is from the Ghost of Tsushima OT.

You can disable this feature by visiting your Account Preferences page.
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Is there any plan to allow the bell (notification) icon to be displayed when browsing on mobile? Currently the screen must be held in landscape mode to see this.


We are working to bring this back. Unfortunately with the changes to the reply box, this will require an almost complete re-write of the functionality. Stay tuned.
I am not able to click view more to watch the whole post which is quoted in reply. Is that due to the update too?


I think you'll all enjoy the new Giphy integration, as well as the various quality of life improvements.

Thanks to Palliasso Palliasso and Gromph Gromph for heading up the upgrade. We're working out the kinks so bear with us, it's a significant change, and feel free to give us feedback.

And special thanks to Yui's Empire Yui's Empire for suggesting we implement a Latest Threads tab.
Yui's Empire Yui's Empire is going to be so excited when they see this
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