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What are some games where you play as a blonde white girl?

The most recent Last of Us has a hot blonde antagonist that GAFers love. You eventually get to play as her. It was very well received.
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In the Street Fighter series there many of them, these are from SFV:
Cammy (from Street Fighter II, Street Fighter Alpha and versus Marvel series and many other ones)
Rainbow Mika (from Street Fighter Alpha 3)
Karin (from Street Fighter Alpha 3)
Kolin (was a Street Fighter III NPC)
Lucia (from Final Fight 3)

In Rival Schools Capcom also has Tiffany
I’m sure some costume or palette swap of Poison might get you blonde hair as well.
I'm looking for some games where you play as a blonde white girl.

Metroid Series - Samus Aran

Resident Evil 6 - Sherry Birkin

Silent Hill 3 - Heather Mason

Parasite Eve - Aya Brea

Haunting Ground - Fiona

Dead or Alive 6 - Tina

Super Princess Peach - Peach

Lollipop Chainsaw -Juliet Starling

Folklore- Ellen Reid

Any others? I'm looking to play some games with some diversity.

Predictably, every single one of these is a Japanese made game.

So not only does the west hate white male protagonists now, this is in the wake of decades of hating blonde white females. It's quite fascinating.

I wonder why feminist frequency and other woke commentators never picked up the lack of representation for blonde white chicks in games?


Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel. Yabuki turned off voice chat in Mario Kart races. True artists of their time.
Ni no Kuni II
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