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What, are you listening too?



Sabaton just released a music video to this song, so it showed up in my recommendeds again.

now the video's pretty shit, awfully animated, most likely (or hopefully) an amateur made it
...but I like the song :)
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That's a group I nearly forgot about. They were pretty out in left field when they first got noticed. Their stuff is still kinda...well, silly, but in a very endearing and creative way.

I was a little too young to catch them when they first toured in the UK, however I caught them on this tour and the prior Bossanova one – on their Trompe Le Monde tour I thought they were amazing, far better – the songs off this album sounded great live (and their cover of Head On to close off was the icing on the cake). Silly lyrics for sure, but fantastic nevertheless.

Maiden Voyage

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I want to pick up the pieces
And plant them in the ground
When a tree grows there
I want to chop that tree down
Build it into a boat
And float it in a lake
And with dynamite
I will explode that thing
That makes me make mistakes

Man, I miss older Andrew Jackson Jihad.

I didn't like Carter much or that scene in general, aside from this one. Reminds me of gigs back then...

...everyone loves a gaye byker... Sorry in a nostalgic mood, great album. Flittering memories/etc...
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these unusually balmy evenings in the UK remind me of those sticky summer nights in poorly insulated flats in Melbourne, which reminds me of this tune for some reason...

Off topic - just turned on the TV and it seems they've employed a cockney papa Lazarou to commentate darts these days. Very strange.
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