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What do you guys think of "Double Tap Inputs"?

Fast action, double press; or slow action, singular press?

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So this might sound weird to ask, but I wanted to hear from you guys what do you think about "Double Tap Inputs".

If you need context on what I'm talking about:
for "Double Tap Inputs" I mean those actions in games where you need to press a specific button TWICE (and usually fast) to perform a specific action.
For example, take River City Ransom and his "running" mechanic.


Probably because of the NES lack extra buttons, you need to press left or right twice and rapidly to start running.
Sure, running isn't a BIG part of the gameplay, but rather a means of fast movement, and it doesn't impact the gamplay (and combat) all that much.
But what if a double tap action IS a mid-heavy part of the gameplay? How would that impact your experience?

Now days, lack of extra buttons (especially for those who play on PC) is not a thing anymore, so developers could just put an extra button to enable a specific mechanic.

What do you think of double tap inputs in modern games? Are they an annoying handicap to you, or you don't mind them one bit?
Also, would you rather have a one tap SLOW action, or a double tap FAST action in games you play?
Let me know what do you think after voting, anything can be useful!
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Double tap direction and double tap button is great! I think it can add a tactile element even if you had enough buttons to map the action without the double tap.

Triple taps, pretty rare. I don't like the feeling, though. Probably cuz it's rare enough that the muscle memory isn't there the same way.

But depending on what fighting games you play, there are some pretty fucked up buffered variations of double taps. After many nights of doing 100 instant air dashes on the left and right to get those babies nice and low, it was bittersweet to see a dash button on guilty gear strive. I was happy for people who would never have to learn IAD, and at the same time sad that I did.


I have no problem with double tapping or pressing multiple buttons at once. In Double Dragon II for example you had to press A + B for jump.


Sometimes I use it on steam input for specific non game functions like taking a screen shot or saving a replay.
Maybe the odd time to enable turbo on a specific button.
Think it just depends on the context of what you want to use it for.


Double taps i can handle but press L3/Ls to run or worse,R3/Rs to crouch îs the most vile thing a developer can do.I literally feel the stick drift happen in real time.

So to all devs who do this and don't offer alternate control schemes a sincere Fuck You!


Double taps are extremely annoying and I wish game devs would stop doing that.

The poll lacks an option for "no double tap".
Actually, I've made a mistake with the poll option. The second one should be "Slow action, single press".

But anyway, why do you find them so? What would you rather prefer instead?
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Dont like em
Indont even double click on my pc. I prefer to right click -> open
Well, you are still clicking twice lmao.

They usually exist when there are not enough buttons to map the game's actions.
Sometimes yes, especially for old games. But some devs still use them, even if the buttons are more than enough.
If you had to use the double tap on PC of instance (where you have tons of buttons) how would you feel about it?


It's usually fine! Just on occasion I n some games double tap can interrupt intended inputs. Like accidental dodges leading to deaths

Naked Lunch

I dont mind them - especially for fighting games.

But playing NES games and such - more casual friends have a hard time with the inputs and many simply cant even do them.


Party Gooper
Sometimes yes, especially for old games. But some devs still use them, even if the buttons are more than enough.
If you had to use the double tap on PC of instance (where you have tons of buttons) how would you feel about it?
Some devs use them because they want to restrict themselves to the limitations of the 80s or 90s (like pixel art)
I personally think that's dumb. Just use as many buttons as a modern standard controller supports.

Regarding double tapping on PC, a keyboard contains a lot of keys so it wouldn't be a problem as long as the keys were not far apart.
Most devs employ double tapping on keyboard because they're also porting their game to consoles that use controller only. So they need some standard way of interaction.

It should be used as a last resource most of the time.
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